Le Creuset Recipes: Summer Dishes To Share

Summer is a time for easy to cook, fuss free dishes that are great for sharing. Why spend all your time slaving away on a feast when you could choose dishes that need little attention but have maximum flavour? With the launch of Le Creuset at The Hut, we wanted to show you a few Le Creuset recipes we love to make in the summer months that can be made in Le Creuset pieces. They are all easy to make, perfect for sharing and are completely delicious!


Le Creuset Recipes: Cioppino

One of our Le Creuset recipes for cioppino to share.

A San Francisco classic, this traditional fish stew originated in San Francisco in the 1800s when a group of Italian Fishermen settled there. A perfect blend of Italian flavours and fresh seafood, this is an ideal dish for sharing with friends on a summer evening. Similar to a bouillabaisse, a variety of seafood is cooked with a tomato based stew, making it easy to customise depending on what seafood you can get hold of.

The dish takes around an hour to prepare so it’s perfect for preparing ahead of a party. Cioppino is light, flavoursome and easy to share, serve with crusty bread and white wine, preferably al fresco!

We have tried out a few recipes using the new in Le Creuset dishes, but our favourite has to be from The Domestic Man, take a look at the recipe here and enjoy.

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Le Creuset Recipes: Braised Ribs

One of our Le Creuset recipes for braised ribs to share.

Ribs are always a BBQ favourite in summer, but if you don’t fancy slaving away over the BBQ when you could be catching up with friends in the sunshine, why not try out this easy peasy recipe for braised ribs?

Braising is traditionally more of a winter cooking technique but embrace the ease of slow cooking in summer and save yourself the effort of digging the BBQ out!

We love this recipe on Epicurious, but instead of serving with added sauce and mashed potatoes, serve with sweet potato wedges and salad, the perfect summer treat.

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Le Creuset Recipes: Cassoulet

One of our Le Creuset recipes for cassoulet to share.

The summer alternative to the casserole, a cassoulet is traditionally made with sausages, chicken, vegetables and beans. Simple to make and can simmer for hours, it’s the ideal recipe to make for an evening dinner with friends in the summer months, plus it only take 15 minutes to prepare!

Choose sausages with a high meat content, remove the chick skin and keep the oil to a minimum to keep this dish light. It is delicious served with crusty bread and butter, people will keep coming back for more. Try out this Cassoulet recipe and indulge this summer.

Shop from a range of mini Le Creuset Cast casserole dishes to make this recipe in style this summer.


Le Creuset Recipes: Paella

One of our Le Creuset recipes for paella to share.

A traditional Spanish dish that is made to be eaten by the beach, it tastes like Mediterranean summer with the spicy taste, perfectly cooked rice and mixed seafood. It’s also a great option for vegetarians as you can make it with meat, seafood or vegetables.

To give you a taste of the Mediterranean, try this amazing paella recipe by Danielle Walker, it makes a great lunch for family or evening dinner with friends.

The Le Creuset Cast Iron Wok is an ideal dish for this recipe, plus the classic orange shade will look great with the bright colours of the paella!


If you rustle up any of these recipes over summer, tweet us a photo or tag us on Facebook so we can see your creations. Pick up everything you need to get started from Le Creuset at The Hut with free UK delivery when you spend £20 or more.

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