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How to Update your Beauty Routine for Spring

It’s been a while since we’ve taken a good, hard look at our beauty routine. Too long have we returned to the same products without reaping the benefits. Now spring is here, it’s time to swap up some of our old favourites for weather appropriate newbies.

Forget rich heavy creams, pasty legs and dark lips, embrace the warmer weather and recreate that perfect summer glow with our handy guide.

Cleanse and Glow

Often with a change in season, skin can appear duller, uneven and at times, rough. Regularly cleansing and exfoliating will not only aid to remove the impurities that cause a build-up in blocked pores and ultimately breakouts, it was also remove any dead skin cells, immediately giving skin a brighter appearance. Capitalise on your skin’s newer, more youthful glow by throwing out your thicker, rich cream and embracing serums, essences and light water-like emulsions.

Don’t shy away from gadgets. With the warmer months and the addition of your SPF, skin may start to appear oilier and a deeper cleanse is needed. Foreo’s Luna Go uses deep, pulsating vibrations to dislodge impurities and cleanse away dirt.


While we’ll admit to not being as dedicated to our SPF as we should be, there’s no doubt that our sun protection is a firm staple in our summer beauty routines. The new generation of SPFs has thrown off those sticky, sweet smelling associations. Murad’s Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF30 is the only primer for those humid summer months. Lightweight and mattifying, this SPF sits comfortably under makeup and will keep your precious skin protected from those harsh UV rays.

Glow and Gloss

No one can expect much from the Great British weather but luckily a natural-looking, glowing bronze is easy to achieve thanks to developments in self-tanning. Gone are the strong biscuit smells and sticky formulations, now we’re using unscented tanning drops that can be added to moisturizers, in shower gradual tans and week-long tanners that help you keep your glow for a little longer.

Lightweight make up bases are the key to a natural spring beauty routine. As your skin is already clean and glowing, little else is needed. Illamasqua’s Skin Base is the perfect mix between natural, lightweight base and flawless finish. Remember to match your foundation or tinted moisturiser to the colour of your tan – nothing gives away St Tropez like a mismatched neck.

Keep powder and blush to a minimum and opt instead for a bronzing quad with a hint of pink. Applied to cheeks, temples, jawline and the bridge of your nose, this will add depth to your summer look and the appearance of a truly natural tan. Press the powder into the eye sockets and even add a few freckles to the end of your nose for a summer holiday effect without the price tag.

The Finishing Touches

Once your base is complete, move onto those all-important finishing touches. Brows will frame the face, but avoid an overly dark shade as this can appear harsh and make skin look dull and sallow. A dark blonde pencil will work on light and dark tones, fixed in place with a good brow gel.

With a touch of rosy balm to the lips and a quick run through the hair with a classic Tangle Teezer, your spring look is ready to go. Simple, uncomplicated and easy to replicate, this look will see you through the summer.

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