6 Easy Ways to Drink More Water with BRITA

It’s no secret that 2017 has been the year of ‘wellness’. Instagram hashtags have transitioned from #cleaneating and #nocarbs, to the promotion of #selflove – encouraging meditation and advocating the importance of balance when maintaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The bottom line? We are no longer encouraged to crash diet, demonise certain food groups or embark on an unsustainable detox juice cleanse. Instead, our focus has shifted to taking small but manageable steps that together equal a largely healthy lifestyle.


One of the small changes you can make is to include more water into your daily routine, and adopting such a simple habit will have a huge impact on your health. The stat that we require 2 litres of water per day has been floating round for years, yet research shows very few of us are heeding this advice with estimations that only 1% of the British public are drinking the recommended amount.

We can almost guarantee that lots of you wait until you’re feeling thirsty before reaching for a refreshing glass of cold water, but by this time you are actually already dehydrated. The human body is made up of approximately 60% water, and every bodily function requires adequate hydration to perform optimally.

The Hut decided to team up with BRITA to provide you with some easy tips to ensure you’re drinking enough water every day!


  1. Challenge a Friend
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    Challenge a Friend

    A really simple way to kick start this new healthy habit is to start a water drinking challenge with your friends! The challenge will encourage you to remain motivated and by inviting other people on board you will always be kept accountable. Add even more fun by turning this challenge into a game – you can even decide that if you reach your goal every day for a month you will reward yourselves with a nice treat.

    Why not treat yourselves to a Fill & Go Vital water bottle to get you started?

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  2. Invest in a Filter
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    Invest in a Filter

    After experiencing the improved taste provided by the BRITA Style Jug with Matra+, blogger Angharad Jones confessed that she would never revert to drinking tap water. Not only does the filter fit perfectly into her minimalistic kitchen, but it has also encouraged her to drink more water throughout the day.

    Using a BRITA filter has vastly improved the taste of my tap water, encouraging me to drink more water on a daily basis. I’ve also noticed a huge improvement in the appearance of my skin since drinking the BRITA filtered water and have now stopped buying bottled water altogether in favour of my filter jug.

    Sunday mornings done right with new essentials from @thehut_com #TheHutTrends

    A post shared by Angharad Jones (@angharadbjones) on Oct 1, 2017 at 1:53am PDT

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  3. Set a Reminder on your Phone
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    Set a Reminder on your Phone

    Chances are you probably already have a morning and evening routine, so schedule drinking water as part of this to quickly up your water intake with ease. For example, drink a bottle of water before every meal, or have some water after you get out the shower. To ensure you don’t forget, set an alarm on your phone which will work as both a visual and aural reminder for you. If you’re not someone who is likely to check their phone multiple times during the day, then try sticking post it notes around the house or set hourly reminders on your office email.

    Eventually, this will create a mental trigger. Over time your brain will just fall into the habit and there will no longer be any need for the reminders.

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  4. Choose a Bottle - That you Actually Want to Use!
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    Choose a Bottle - That you Actually Want to Use!

    A high quality water bottle will stand the test of time, is practical to carry around with you and will help you save money on bottled water in the long run. Additionally, you can reduce environmental impact by reusing a bottle. The BRITA Fill & Go Active water bottle is your perfect solution to all of the above!

    Fitness blogger Emily Moore is a huge advocate, stating;

     I roughly drink around 4L of water a day and find I’m always refilling my bottle. The fact the BRITA bottle has a filter in is fab as no matter where you are, you can have filtered water on the go! Drinking more water has an array of health benefits and I actually feel leaner due to my water consumption.

    HOW MUCH WATER DO YOU DRINK? And where do you get it from? ? Your tap? A bottle from a shop? – The @thehut_com and kindly gave me a new water bottle (if you know me you'll know I drink 99% of my drinks from bottles) and a Brita filter jug for the fridge. I've wanted one of these jugs FOREVER and it's great having cold filtered water on demand ? – But the reason I ask you those questions is because I want to make you aware of the positive environmental benefits having a bottle on you constantly has and using tap water has. By using a bottle on a daily basis you're helping the planet by not purchasing more plastic bottles ? I roughly drink around 4L of water a day and find I'm always refilling my bottle ? I have a large collection of bottles and the fact this one has a filter in is fab also – as no matter where you are, you can have filtered water on the go ✅ Drinking more water has an arrrrray of health benefits and I actually feel leaner due to my water consumption. – Tips to drink more water: ✅ Set your self challenges: such as "I will drink this bottle by 11am". ✅ If you don't like water, as it's "bland" flavour it with sugar free squash or supplements like BCAA's/Creatine. ✅ Carry a bottle on you AT ALL TIMES. If you're hungry you will most likely reach for a drink if you've no food on you. And did you know sometimes when you feel hungry, you're actually thirsty ?? – What are your tips on drinking more?

    A post shared by Em Moore ? (@emsactive) on Sep 30, 2017 at 4:05am PDT

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  5. DIY - Write Times on a Bottle
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    DIY - Write Times on a Bottle

    Customise your water bottle by self-assigning yourself some drinking goals. The BRITA Fill & Go Vital can fit up to 600ml, meaning just two to three refills a day is enough to meet your quota to drink more water. Divide the bottle into increments and use a marker to write AM times down the left hand side, and PM times on the right. That way you know that you’re on track to hit your water goals and can even feel extra smug when you get ahead of schedule.

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  6. Use Filtered Water to Make Other Water Based Drinks
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    Use Filtered Water to Make Other Water Based Drinks

    Drinking plain water all day long can become quite tedious, but two of our favourite bloggers have shared how they use Brita to jazz up their drinks and contribute to their water consumption.

    Style blogger Hollie Race loves to use her Brita filter to make her morning cup of coffee…

    The filter makes my coffee taste so much nicer! I always use my Brita to make my Sunday morning coffee and enjoy it whilst scrolling through Instagram or flicking through Vogue.

    Lifestyle blogger Bethany Worrall praises her new Brita filter for the increase in her water consumption through the simple hack of mixing the filtered water with her favourite squash.

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Sarah Atkinson

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