The Summer Holiday Style Guide

Dream destination chosen? Flights booked? Passport at the ready? There’s just one last thing you need to be thinking about: your holiday wardrobe.

Whether you are ready to soak up some sun on the continent or planning a trans-Atlantic trip to Disney Land, your summer look starts here. From waterproof wellingtons, perfect for your trip to the countryside to a dress that fits your city getaway, this is your summer capsule wardrobe.

Welsh Countryside

A relaxing atmosphere, clean crisp air and a fresh, breezy morning walk, there’s nothing quite like the Welsh countryside for a touch of R&R.

Whilst some may say that the rural landscape lacks the glamour of the city break, we beg to differ, the rocky landscape of Anglesey or coastal shores of Cardigan Bay are both picturesque and teaming with activities for you and the kids.

Pack for the weather here. Whilst shorts and t-shirts are an obvious selection, remember jeans, boots and a weatherproof jacket will be needed for those rainy days and cooler nights. If you haven’t already invested in a Barbour wax jacket, now’s your chance. The coat is made to resist harsh weather conditions, cold, rain and snow and has a twelve month guarantee, above that you can send your coat back to their South Shields factory where the team can re-wax and repair any damages worn through over time.

Cornish Coast

Heading to the Cornish coast this summer? The south-western point of the British Isles is known for its balmy weather, surf-friendly beaches and picturesque landscape.

Boasting the longest coastline in Great Britain with a beach that extends over 433 miles and with more than 5 million visitors flocking to its shores every year, there’s no doubt that Cornwall is the most popular holiday destination in the UK.

With temperatures above the UK average, shorts, easy-going dresses and summer sandals are a must for this climate. British brands like Barbour, Joules and Ted Baker really nail this British beach look with simple stripes, rugby shirts and classic garden floral prints.

South of France

The South of France has so much to offer in terms of holiday destinations. Not only do you have Cannes, Saint Tropez and the luxurious beaches of the Mediterranean, but further inland find cosy cottages nestled among hills and field – an idyllic setting.

The weather will of course be glorious so pack your favourite summer dresses, casual shorts and summer sandals. If you are heading to somewhere like Cannes, bear in mind that certain establishments will have dress codes that require smart-casual styling. Opt for something like a Ted Baker shirt that is light and breezy but still smart.

Spanish City Break

When you’re heading to one of Spain’s most popular cities for a short city break, packing lightly is a must. Weekend getaway gear needs to fit in an airplane carry-on bag so it’s important to plan your outfits strategically.

Footwear is the key here, make sure your shoes see you from day to night; a pair of glitzy sandals pairs nicely with a summer’s dress but also sits well with a loose, jumpsuit for evening time. If you prefer sneakers for exploring the city, choose a light pair of flipflops that can be packed on top of your outfits or in your backpack pocket.

American Amusement Park

Flying to Orlando, Florida to spend time with Minnie and Mickey? If you’re heading out to have some fun then fashion will probably be the last thing on your mind, yet looking good for those candid holiday snaps is still a must.

Fashionable and functional, varsity styling gives that all-American look without sacrificing on comfort. Simple outfits will look and feel good without getting in your way. A sunhat will protect your face from the all-day rays and a backpack is the perfect hands-free way to store your daily essentials.

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