It’s Coming Home: Your Sideline Essentials

Football has transformed our nation into a cheer loving, beer throwing country that makes every game feel like a bank holiday.

Pubs, sporting clubs and even our homes have turned into apprehensive viewing zones that cheer and roar with emotion as the ball is kicked around the pitch (our screens).

England’s persistence, fuelled by the keen mentorship from Gareth Southgate, has secured them a place in the Semi Final, scheduled for Wednesday 11th July. Depending upon the outcome, the Final will be held on Sunday 15th  July– but we think it’s coming home, don’t you?

In fact, in anticipation, The Hut have made it possible for it come home and straight into your living room. With our Sideline Essentials, we have compiled a range of everything from what you can eat and drink, to what you can wear and how you can carry on the football fun. You can create the fan-stand ambience and host the perfect pitch for a party with our favourite football must-haves.



You’ve invited the whole street and only afterwards remembered that your TV screen is a mere 20 inches. Do not worry. This smartphone projector can help separate your crowd. Due to its collapsible and portable nature you can create another viewing area elsewhere in the house and avoid crowding and knocked over vases. Perfect for the last minute viewer and those watching whilst on travelling with no access to a big screen!



Commentary during the game is a vital part, not only for those new to football and still figuring out whose who, but for creating the tension and hyping up the home viewers. Your sound therefore, is highly important in creating that ‘in the moment’ vibe.

To help you out we have highlighted our favourites, sure to blast out the sound and bring that pitch side-line experience.

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During Match

The atmosphere is tense and emotions are running high, your mouth is drying up with the intensity and fast pace action that’s speeding up your heart rate. Luckily The Hut can provide tasty distractions and easily accessible drinks to not keep you far from the TV or projector for long. This barrel dispenser and chip and dip bowl are easy re-fillers perfect for the centre table surrounded by eager viewers. Why not provide the snacks too with this popcorn maker? Producing up to 24 cups at a time, this machine is sure to keep your party popping.


beer and snacks in front of football


Post Match

If there ever were a perfect garden party host, they’d be sure to have these meaty accessories by their side. A common trend when watching the football is to accompany it with a warm, hearty BBQ. Notably the weather has something to do with it, but as summer calls and the starting whistle blows, the perfect half-time snack is a grilled burger and toasted bun.



Dressing for the occasion is all part of the fun. Whether you’re in full costume or just incorporate national colours into your outfit, it all adds to the supportive vibe. Try a vibrant T-shirt or polo with complimentary shoes or heels. Perhaps a dress is more your thing? Whatever the weather, The Hut has plenty of red and white styled colours to get you looking fan-ready!




Enjoying the football so much that you don’t want it to end? The Hut have some football inspired games boasting traditional structures with a fun themed edge. for the excited kids and football fanatic adults, these games are sure to bring fun for all the family!


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