Five St Patrick’s Day Recipes You Need To Try

It’s time to search your family tree to uncover your long lost Irish relatives as an excuse to indulge: it’s St Patrick’s Day on the 17th of March, and we have collected together our favourite Irish inspired St Patrick’s Day recipes to accompany your celebrations. Whether you’re looking for some treats to take into the office, having a themed dinner party with friends or just looking for a little treat to indulge in at home alongside a pint of Guinness, we have a recipe for you.

Our Favourite St Patrick’s Day Recipes…

Steak, Mushroom and Guinness Pie

A steak, mushroom and Guinness pie.

One of our favourites from our collection of St Patrick’s Day recipes, this Steak and Guinness pie is ideal for dinner, especially as the nights are still quite chilly, it’s comfort food at its best. The fluffy pastry pairs well with the hearty, rich steak and Guinness within.

Take a look at the full Steak, Mushroom and Guinness Pie recipe here.

Take a look below for the perfect side dish to accompany the pie…


A bowl of colcannon.

An underrated side, Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish created by combining a whole hoard of delicious ingredients, including mashed potato, bacon, garlic, butter and kale. Delicious.

Take a look at the full Colcannon recipe here.

Chocolate Guinness Cake

A chocolate Guinness cake.

This is a firm favourite in the office (whatever time of the year if we’re being honest) because it is the richest, most delicious cake of all time. Don’t worry about the flavour of the Guinness being over-powering, it just adds to the depth of the chocolate flavour and works perfectly with the froth inspired cream cheese topping. A must for St Patrick’s Day.

Take a look at the full Guinness Cake recipe here.

Irish Apple Cake with Custard

An Irish apple cake with custard.

Is there a dessert more satisfying than apple cake with custard? It holds memories of childhood and is a very traditional Irish recipe. It’s dense, satisfying and delicious, a must eat to accompany your St Patrick’s Day recipes.

Take a look at the full Irish Apple Cake with Custard recipe here.

Salted Caramel and Irish Whiskey Truffles

Salted caramel and Irish whiskey truffles.

When in doubt, add chocolate. These salted caramel and whiskey truffles are just the thing for a hint of St Patrick’s Day celebration, enjoy with a dram of whisky or a pint of Guinness.

Take a look at the full Salted Caramel and Irish Whiskey Truffles recipe here.

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