The Top Ten Toys Every ‘90s Kid Will Remember

Remember the days when you would spend the run-up to Christmas circling half your Argos catalogue with all the toys Santa was to bring with a bright red gel pen? While your parents might have put this down to greed, the ‘90s indisputably was the decade that gave us the best toys and your younger self just had great taste. But which were the best-loved playthings for millennials? Here is our top ten toys that ever ’90s kid will remember.

10) Spirograph

An American invention that had been around since the swinging sixties, the geometric drawing toy took the ‘90s by storm to bring out your inner Leonardo da Vinci and provide the artwork for your bedroom walls, fridge and most other places around the house.

9) Pogs

Before they were superseded by Pokemon cards later in the decade, Pogs were the common currency on playgrounds across the world through the early and mid-90s. Inspired by the traditional Japanese game of Menko and taking its name from an oddly coloured Hawaiian beverage, Pogs featured art ranging from sports stars to television characters that made them highly collectible for ‘90s kids.

8) Etch a Sketch

Requiring rather more artistic skill than the Spirograph, the Etch a Sketch and its two knobs opened up a whole new world of impossible yet fun drawing. Although it was a struggle to even write your name without messing it up with a twitch or accidental shake, there was something truly mesmerising about creations on the Etch a Sketch.

7) Troll Dolls

Originally surging to popularity in 1960s USA after being created in Denmark, Troll Dolls single-handedly transformed our concept of the troll from a mythic, rambunctious, bridge-lurking midget into a smiling, pot-bellied, neon-haired little friend.

6) Polly Pocket / Mighty Max

Before The Sims and Theme Park World were in town, ‘90s kids could open up an entire new world from their own pockets with a Polly Pocket or Mighty Max. The pre-computer portable toy of choice for every millennial.

5) Nintendo 64

The N64 blew minds when it was released in 1997. After the obligatory GoldenEye 007, the Nintendo 64 gave us games including Super Mario 64, Mario Kart and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time which turned us all into hermits for the summer holidays.

4) Furby

A Gremlins-inspired furry friend who spoke its own quirky language, Furbies were everyone’s number one companion when released in 1998. That was until mum and dad were trying to relax and ended up putting your loquacious little Furby to bed at the bottom of the laundry basket for some peace and quiet…

3) Hungry Hippos

A tabletop game for up to four players, Hungry Hippos would inspire a mad frenzy of hippo hitting in an attempt to munch up those marbles. Don’t believe the calmness and smiles of the original advert—Hungry Hippos was all or nothing at the age of eight.

2) Tamagotchi

A hallmark of ‘90s culture, the Tamagotchi was the insatiable virtual pet that required your undivided attention around the clock. From feeding to cleaning, we were completely obsessed with watching our little digital pet grow up, so much so that they were banned from most schools later in the decade.

1) Game Boy

It has been 26 years since the original Nintendo Game Boy was released and changed the gaming world for all ‘90s kids. From early days of Super Mario and Tetris to the later releases of the Pokemon series, the Game Boy engrossed every little boy and girl throughout the ‘90s and seeing this chunky grey handheld device cannot but evoke a nostalgic smile in any millennial.


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Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert