Simple Bedroom Decoration Ideas That Make A Big Difference

Although it is not often front and centre the same way your living room is, your bedroom is just as important, often the place you take time for yourself. Good for your soul and spirit, you want a tranquil space where you can retreat to. You will find that having a bedroom you can enjoy will make you want to spend more time in it, giving you an extra room in the house. 

So, looking at those all-important small adaptations and simple bedroom decorations ideas that are going to make a big difference, here are the things to think about… 

Accessories that open up the space

#1 Considered bedside table accessories 

Bedside tables can often become the dumping ground for our belongings – watches, charging phones our latest book. If you neaten this space up with some simple accessories such as a lamp, a vase or a trinket it will instantly make the whole space feel more organised. It will focus your attention on prettier things and open up the area.  

Bedside Table


#2 Artwork 

Adding some vibrant artwork is an easy way to uplift a space, and your mood and the eye line of the bedroom. It is a super simple way to add some more colour without wallpapering or painting. You could have a delicate piece of art or a statement print which will completely set the room. 

#3 Ottoman 

These are handy pieces of furniture which act as a bench at the end of the bed, with an added storage compartment. One thing which is key to enjoying your bedroom is making sure it is tidy, which is where clever space-saving solutions come in. An ottoman is fantastic for keeping your bedding or towels in, taking up very little space with the added practicality of a bench seat. 

Bedroom Decorations


#3 Mirrors 

Whether it is a little one on your bedside table or large full-length size, mirrors can be used to open up your space. They lift the light, give the illusion of a bigger room and also can be beautiful pieces of furniture. Find one that fits your aesthetic because it is essential for every bedroom. 

#4 Lighting 

Think about your lighting. Do you want a statement light shade hanging from the ceiling that makes you feel like your bedroom is a luxury suite? Or, do you want your space to feel super cosy? In this case, having bedside lamps, or dressing table lamps is something you should explore.

Look at the natural light, what type of curtains do you have, do you want to add some sheer curtains that let the light fall through but give an airy feel? Or, do you want heavier curtains that will make give it a cottage feel? 

Soft furnishings that make a huge difference

#1 Cushions 

Soft furnishings are a really simple but effective way to decorate your bedroom but they are also cost-effective and need little to no styling. I think starting with the cushions on your bed is a great idea. Whether you want large pillows to prop up at the head of your bed or you want a build-up of patterned and printed pillows to make the bed more of a focal point.  

Bedroom decoration


#2 Bedding

Then looking at your bedding, your bed takes up a large portion of your bedroom, so it’s key to making it look as heavenly as possible. If you want a smooth but stylish finish take a look at the linen bedding or if you want more texture why not go for a waffle duvet cover which is very on trend at the moment?


#3 Rugs 

Adding a rug to your bedroom is a simple way to give it a more luxurious feel. If you have wooden floors in your bedroom it will give it a warm, cosiness and block out a lot of echoing sounds. A rug also looks great over carpets, giving the room more detail and incorporating more texture, colour or print. 

Simple decorations that make a big difference

#1 Additional seating 

Adding a chair is a simple way to make your room feel so much more. There are so many stylish chairs that will make the room feel luxurious and spacious. Whether you want a comfortable armchair or a sleek rattan chair, dress it up with a throw or cushion to show off your eye for style. It also is a lovely place for any reading or pampering you want to enjoy in your bedroom.

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#2 Books 

Books are a simple and very effective way to add colour and decoration to your room. Whether you want them stacked on your bedside table, slotted into a bookcase or piled perfectly on your curated shelves. There are some wonderful coffee table books, large and small that will make your bedroom feel unique, personal and stylish. 

#3 Gallery Wall 

A fun way to show off your style and personality is to pick a mix-and-match of prints and pictures that you love and spread them out all over your wall. It adds so much more to the room, lifting the ceiling and making the room more interesting to look at without being a big job. 

Bedroom ideas


#4 Plants

Interior designer’s biggest secret, adding some plants and greenery. There are so many proven benefits to having them in your room bringing a sense of serenity. They are also that splash of colour that suits any aesthetic from Scandi minimalism to cottage core. Or, you could just have a lovely vase to add to your shelf. 

#5 Candles 

Lastly candles, every bedroom should have some candles that you can light when you want a little peace, they are the perfect simple decoration. Whether you want a large candle for your shelves, a scented candle you light in the evening or a hand-poured sculpted candle purely for your bedroom aesthetic. 



Written by Holly Thompson

Featured Image Credit – @oakappledecor

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

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