Sustainable homeware brands for a guilt-free home refresh

This time of year everyone likes to spruce up their home with new furnishings, and accessories to get the house ready to enjoy. Do you ever worry about being sustainably conscious and the effect your buying habits have on the environment? Well, no need to worry. We have curated a list of homeware brands, from storage containers to home scents that are sustainable or have sustainable lines to allow you to have a guilt-free home refresh!

Sustainable Home Scents

#1 Skandinavisk

Skandinavisk diffuser


A favourite if you follow any Scandi interior accounts, Skandinavisk are the home scents brand that creates candles and diffusers to set the scene in your home. Inspired by over 20 years of travelling across the Nordic region their scents are subtle and refined blended with local rich wood. Skandinavisk are also B Corp certified which means they meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact. Last year they reinvented their entire range and changed materials on all their products to reduce their carbon footprint.   


AERY create quality fragrances that can help elevate our well-being through the power of aromatherapy. Inspired by the multi-sensory aspect of fragranced products that help your well-being. With the added bonus that they are 100% plant-based wax and carrier oils with no paraffin or palm. They are also vegan and cruelty-free and as an eco-conscious brand, all the candles, diffusers, candle holders and paper are plastic-free and recyclable.

Sustainable Cooking & Dining

#1 Denby

Another of our most ethical brands is Denby which is the only UK company to produce its own clay for products made in the factory. A leading stoneware and pottery manufacturer for the past 200 years, Denby is rife with history. Any scraps of clay are recycled and crushed into a powder which is then pumped back into the production process. Denby is also a zero-to-landfill business, with the only materials sent out of the factory being used for roadwork improvements in the local area.

sustainable homware brands

#2 Le Creuset

Known for its cast-iron casserole dishes, Le Creuset has embedded a sustainable approach in its production, brand values and philosophy. Throughout their manufacturing, sand moulding, casting, finish and enamelling process, Le Creuset has mastered the art of creating durable cookware that can sustain the range of temperatures, environments and usage with which we tend to cook. With a lifetime guarantee, Le Creuset cookware is a one-time purchase; saving both your wallet and the environment in the long run.

#3 Nkuku

Bringing rural artisans and craftsmanship from around the world to the global stage, Nkuku is a homeware and lifestyle brand that fuses natural materials and traditional skills to make its products. Working with recycled and natural materials Nkuku instils an eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical production line into everything they make; developing long-standing relationships with artisanal suppliers from around the world.

sustainable homeware brands


Sustainable Containers and Storage

#1 Haps Nordic

Haps Nordic create food packaging to combat unnecessary packaging and food waste, in comparison to the plastic that the large supermarkets use. With sustainability at their core, they create green alternatives to traditional products such as reusable fabric wrapping paper, reusable snack bags and fabric food containers. The brand is currently undertaking a Danish project GCO which will help them implement a circular business model. 

#2 Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph identifies everyday problems and then uses intelligent design to create distinctive, functional products. Some of their most iconic products include Chop2Pot™, the world’s first folding chopping board; Nest™ 9, a clever space-saving food preparation set; and Index™, a set of food-specific chopping boards in a storage case designed to prevent cross-contamination when preparing food. With products such as steel waste and recycling bins made from recycled plastic, the brands are taking steps to offer more sustainably conscious products.

#3 Brabantia


@brabantia @Mooiibo

Brabantia is a Dutch brand that creates smart designs for your home, making everyday tasks a little more enjoyable. Their home products such as waste bins, laundry racks, and food storage containers are contemporary and modern. They also help you do your bit for the planet, tackling issues such as food waste.  

We have made a commitment to move to 100% circular design by 2035.



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