What to pack for a beach day with your baby and toddler?

A trip to the beach takes a bit more organisation and planning when you have little ones. Gone are the days of setting off to the beach with your sunnies, beach towel and book in your tote bag. You want to have everything you need with you to make it as stress-free as possible so you can take in all of the happy memories and not be worrying about what you have forgotten. Here is our checklist to make it easy for you. 

Children at the beach



Beach towels

This is a necessity for drying off and acting as a comfortable place to sit. Make sure you pack one per person as no one wants to share a wet towel.

Swimsuits / Coverups

Always have a dry one to change into and if you are going somewhere hot opt for a cover-up for more protection from the sun.

Sun hats

Sun hats are great for keeping little faces and ears shaded, having one with a chin strap is a good idea because no doubt they will try and take it off. 

A change of clothes for baby

Packing a second set of clothes is essential, so if your toddler or baby needs a nap they are comfortable. 

Kids Beach shoes


Beach shoes

It’s easy to forget how hot the sand can get on your feet so don’t forget to pack some beach shoes if you want to let your little ones do any walking. Water shoes are great because they can leave them on the whole time.


Perfect for giving you and your little one’s more confidence, floaties and armbands allow them to splash around feely. The floaties are great because they provide more protection for them from the sun and you can get some super cute styles and shapes. 

Swim diapers and wipes (with a plastic bag, for diaper changes)

Make sure you are stocked up on nappies and wipes for any changes that need to be made with a plastic bag that you can put them into after. 


Sunscreen is one you tend not to forget but just make sure you keep topping up especially if your little ones are in and out of the water.

Children beach day



Creating shade and give your little ones a break from all that sunshine is key. If your baby is 6 months or under the recommendation is they stay in the shade. Here are some shade options; 

  • Beach umbrellas: Easy to carry, easy to set up. They create a relatively small amount of shade. Not a good option if you are visiting a beach on a windy day but they are great because you can easily move them wherever your little one is playing. 
  • Beach tents: These take up about the same amount of space as an umbrella when they’re all packed up, but usually give you a larger area of shade. They’ll take you some time to set up, and they’re not mobile, but they are pretty resistant to the wind if you set them up well. 

Something to sit on

You want something that means you don’t get completely covered in sand when you sit down so here are some options,

  • A big blanket- Easy to pack, and your whole family can sit on it.
  • Beach chairs- To make your day at the beach super comfortable, you can also get matching toddler-sized beach chairs which are adorable. 


If your baby uses a dummy, make sure you bring it along to the beach. Helps to stop them from lifting anything such as sand and putting it into their mouth. 

Liewood beach toys



Some kids toys are essential for a day at the beach! A bucket and spade set, just as much fun for the parents as kids. Other suggestions would be a ball, a kite or a frisbee. 

A way to carry all your stuff

A beach bag is a good idea or a beach wagon depending on how many of you are going.

Snacks & Drinks 

Pack a little cooler with some snacks and drinks. Sippy cups are always a good option and packeted snacks are always handy and easy to each when at the beach and plenty of water. Of course, if your baby is still nursing or drinking from a bottle, you’ll either need to bring a bottle, plan to nurse on the beach or head back to your hotel for a quick pit stop. 

A small bag of your essentials

Make sure you have a small bag with any of your own essentials in it, don’t forget about yourself. Things to think about; 

Written by Holly Thompson

Featured Image Credit – @liewood_design 

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Holly Thompson

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