How To Keep The Kids Entertained This Summer With Sunnylife

Not sure what to do with the kids all summer? It’s tricky, we know. Suddenly you’re expected to be a full-time chef, cleaner, entertainer, audience member and driver amongst other things, trying to balance all your chores with keeping the little ones busy.

When you’ve run out of films to watch and you can face another batch of homemade cupcakes, Sunnylife is here with fresh ideas to keep your children occupied and entertained this summer. With toys and homeware to help facilitate fun family times, here are some suggestions for summer children’s activities with Sunnylife.

How to entertain your kids


#1 Set Up A Swimming Pool

Wondering what to do with your kids with a heatwave on the way? Set your little ones up with their own mini water park in the back garden. Get one of Sunnylife’s paddling pools with a huge range of inflatables and pool toys to pick from. Perfect for keeping them cool in the heat and busy for a few hours, whether you want it for at home or on your holiday. Set them mini-challenges or put together an obstacle course, there’s hours of endless fun to be had!

How to Keep Kids entertained


#2 Build Your Own Film Night Fort

If the weather isn’t on your side, team up with the kids to turn your living room into a cosy retreat. Far better than any leg numbing cinema seats, gather up duvets, blankets and twinkly lights to create your own fort and settle in for a day of your favourite films. 

With all the excitement of summer, both you and your little ones could use the time to relax, so the best thing you can do to keep them entertained is to just do nothing. Stock up on their favourite snacks, assemble the fort, make the hot chocolates and hibernate on rainy days.  

#3 Pack a Picnic

While the kids are at home, take the opportunity to get the extra helping hands in the kitchen. Keep the kids entertained this summer by getting them introduced to the kitchen basics and teaching them how to make some simple recipes beyond cake kits. From pasta salads and roasted veg, to mini quiches or pies, turn them into mini chefs for the summer.

Then pack it all up in Sunnylife’s cooler sounds bag and head out for a picnic with your favourite soundtrack. With a morning spent slaving away in the kitchen and a nice dose of fresh air and fun at the picnic, by the end of the day, your little ones are sure to sleep well after being worn out.  

How to keep your kids entertained


#4 Games Night  

Nothing brings people together more than a games night, have your family and friends round for a day in the sunshine or a BBQ and put out some classic games to get everyone involved. What about the set of giant Jenga that will get all ages involved for a nail-biting game? Or, set up some classic board games such as connect four to keep the little ones quiet. If you are looking to host a mini sports day, Sunnylife have great games such as the inflatable ball and net or racket ball if you want to get everyone moving!

#5 Stretch Your Legs

The most obvious suggestion, but finding a good walking trail is the easiest and cheapest kids’ activity around. From riverside strolls to rambles over fields, or even a seaside trip if you’re lucky enough to live by the coast, there’s a whole hidden world out there to explore. Chances are there are secret treasures hidden just outside your front door, so do some research, pack some water and snacks, put on your sturdy shoes and get the kids out in nature.  

How to keep your kids entertained


#6 A Trip To The Beach

The dream day out – make the most of the sunshine and make a trip to the beach! Pretend you are abroad and soak up the sun with the family these summer holidays. Make sure your little ones have their inflatable jackets and armbands putting water safety first. Why not pick from some of the cool rubber rings and cool inflatables to make it more fun? Lastly, don’t forget to pack the essentials such as beach towels and cooler boxes so you can enjoy the full day with food, drink and snacks.


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