The Best of the Scandinavian Baby Brands

Known for their minimalist approach and focus on functionality, the Scandinavian culture trend is fast overtaking the clothing, interiors and now kids’ toys industries.Whether you’re creating an eco-friendly nursery, on the hunt for baby gifts or looking to spruce up your little one’s bedroom, it seems the Scandi baby brands are winning when it comes to quirky decor and minimalist design.

As we all try to buy less and better, the trend is being picked up in kids’ toys. As we all know they usually have one favourite so parents are buying gender-neutral toys that can be passed down to siblings, friends and family. There has been a large increase in sustainable materials with 23% of parents in the south investing in brands that have been ethically sourced. Resulting in the search for Scandi baby brands continuing to soar in popularity so here are the ones to know at The Hut

Soft Toys for your baby

Treat your little one to a lifelong friend. Choose from our stunning ranges by  Miffy , Done by Deer and Cam Cam for the cutest takes on cuddly toys since Paddington Bear.

Scandi Baby Brands


Scandi Baby Clothing

Buying clothing for your baby is an important but also enjoyable task. You want to feel like you are wrapping your baby in soft, well-made clothing. Brands such as Joules and Liewood are known for their gorgeous designs, quality and sustainable values.

Scandi Decoration

Despite what tradition tells us, the interior decor doesn’t have to be all pastel-coloured walls, elaborate cribs and squeaky toys. For Scandinavian baby brands, Snuz, Kids Concept and OYOY mini lead the way with tranquil, calm designs that instantly make you and your baby feel at home.

For the nursery decor, think of neutral colour schemes, soft furnishings and natural materials to create the perfect haven.

Scandi Baby Brands


First Born Bedding

Searching for comfort, smart design and clever shape? Scandinavian-inspired beds from Done by Deer, DockATot and BabyBjorn are perfect for ensuring your baby gets the best of naps, whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home.

Find portable sleeping pods that are great so you can keep your baby close around the house or when in someone else’s home and beautiful Moses baskets for those special few months of sleepless nights.

Toddler Bed Time

From little ones to big ones, bedtime is never easy. Make settling in for much-needed sleep a fun and adorable task with the cute, simplistic designs and cosy comfort blankets from the likes of Done by Deer.

Scandi Baby brands


Stylish Storage

Storage is key for when you have a baby and toddler because we all know how much stuff you require. If you don’t make a home for everything you will end up being stressed and overwhelmed so create clever storage solutions that are in keeping with your Scandinavian interior theme. Try beautiful storage from OYOY mini.

Scandi Baby Brands


Baby Play Time

Keep the little ones playing all day with the cutest toys that are easy on the eye and super safe to use from  Cam Cam and Done by Deer. Find teething toys to help you through those tough months to kid’s concept sets that will last, from kitchen sets, tea sets and car parks.

Scandi Baby Brands


Bigger Baby Play Time

Making memories is a huge part of everyone’s childhood and a part of Kids Concept‘s motto. Focused on creating a safe environment for new opportunities and exciting play, Kids Concept prides itself on its passion for helping children be children. Give your children fun, exploration and adventure with these spectacular toys that you can have in your home!

Scandi Baby Brands


Tea Time

Whether it’s a tiny tot’s party time or just time for a normal dinner, a great way to get your kids into eating well is with playfully decorated tableware. Discover BABYBJORNDone by Deer and Sip by S’well for adorable crockery, cutlery and more for little munchers.


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