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A Buyer’s Guide to THOMAS SABO

Trusted for their style-savvy designs and high-quality accessories, THOMAS SABO  has always been a go-to jewellery brand. Whether buying for yourself or someone else, their simplistic silverware to their playful gold collection means there is something to everyone’s taste. Wanting to know a little bit more about the must-have brand, here is everything you need to know… 

Thomas Sabo Jewellery



Set up by THOMAS SABO, the Austrian with a vision for jewellery, he originally started out as a precision mechanic. Then turning his focus to the silver he went to Asia to sell jewellery he acquired in Germany.

Launching THOMAS SABO in 1984, he revolutionised the market with innovative jewellery pieces. Creating jewellery and watches that are trend-led accessories you can wear every day, they are popular for their high-quality pieces that don’t break the bank. 

THOMAS SABO today has 2,800 trade partners worldwide, as well as 312 shops and around 1,860 employees worldwide.

The THOMAS SABO Collections 

THOMAS SABO produces collections for men and women and has their iconic charm club. With a focus on detail, they encourage you to mix and match, building your accessory game to your style. With ultra-feminine collections with intricate pieces to more minimalist, timeless styles they have everyone covered.

 Their brand ethos is: 

– to constantly inspire our customers with innovative and trend-setting creations

– to spread our unique love for style

– to define the industry standard with materials of the highest quality

 All THOMAS SABO silver pieces are crafted using 925 sterling silver and gold pieces are plated using 18 carat yellow or rose gold.

Thomas Sabo Ring


THOMAS SABO Ring Size Guide

44 3 F 14 mm
46 3 ¾ G ½ 14,6 mm
48 4 ½ I ½ 15,3 mm
50 5 ¼ K 16 mm
52 6 L ½ 16,6 mm
54 6 ¾ N 17,3 mm
56 7 ½ O ½ 18mm
58 8 ½ Q ½ 18,5 mm
60 9 S – S ½ 19,3 mm
62 10 T ½ – U 19,7 mm
64 10 ¾ V – V ½ 20,4 mm
66 11 ½ X 21 mm
68 12 ¼ Y ½ 21,7 mm

How THOMAS SABO give back?

 THOMAS SABO and his wife Luz Enith Sabo are very committed to the concerns of disadvantaged children both in his home town of Nuremberg and throughout the world.

In 2007, THOMAS SABO established a foundation that supports children’s aid projects with donations. One of the aims of the Foundation is to alleviate the effects of child poverty and to open up prospects for socially disadvantaged children and young people for the future.

Thomas Sabo Charm Club


How to look after your THOMAS SABO Jewellery? 

Caring for your Thomas Sabo jewellery is the key to it looking new for as long as possible. There are some basic rules to note to keep to prolong the life of your jewellery:

  • If possible, rings and other pieces of jewellery should not be worn while carrying out home and garden work, exercising or bathing (salt or chlorine water).
  • Jewellery should be removed before going to bed or taking a shower.
  • Perfume or hairspray can cause the jewellery to become dull and decrease its shine. We recommend putting perfume, hairspray or other cosmetics on first before putting on your jewellery.
  • Pearls should not come into contact with perfume, make-up or hairspray. Alcohol or other solvents can damage the surface of the pearls.
  • Pearls should be kept separately from other jewellery, ideally in a cloth bag or wrapped in a soft cloth. That way you can prevent your synthetic pearls from being scratched.

How to clean your THOMAS SABO jewellery? 

  • Soap, cream and make-up residues can be removed using an ultrasonic device. The ultrasonic device should not be filled with abrasive cleaning agents. It is best to use water with a little bit of neutral cleaning agent.
  • Please use a jewellery cleaning cloth to polish slightly tarnished areas and remove dullness, bringing the jewellery back to its original shine.
  • If the discolouration and dullness can’t be removed with the jewellery cleaning cloth, we recommend using a jewellery bath solution.
  • Jewellery cleaning products such as the cleaning cloth – especially designed for THOMAS SABO jewellery. 
  • Their cleaning products are suitable for both pure 925 Sterling silver and gold-plated jewellery. Carefully follow the instructions for use. Best results are achieved when the item is first dipped, dried thoroughly and finally rubbed and polished with the jewellery cleaning cloth.
  • Oxidised pieces of jewellery should not be cleaned in the jewellery bath, if you don’t want the oxidation (blackened) effect to be removed. The surface can, however, be polished with a cleaning cloth.
  • Jewellery with imitated pearls, freshwater cultured pearls, lapis lazuli, coral, turquoise, mother-of-pearl, jasper, howlite or hematite is also not suitable for cleaning in the jewellery bath.
  • Only the silver parts on leather wristbands, rubber straps or straps made of any other sort of fabric may be cleaned using a silver cloth. Do not put leather wristbands and fabric straps in silver immersion baths or clean them using an ultrasonic device. Other commercial specialist silver or gold jewellery dipping baths may also be used. Please follow the instructions for use and, if in doubt, make sure that stones, pearls and cold enamel are compatible.


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