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How To Style Your Bangs With Christophe Robin

To have bangs or not to have bangs? It is a big decision but fringes are in again, so it is the question we are all asking ourselves! Most of us have had a fringe before and fear the upkeep. Styling your bangs is no joke and a true skill you have to master. No matter how effortlessly messy it looks it will always have been styled so if you’re a low maintenance kind of person, bangs might not be for you. However done right, bangs are the ultimate accessory!

If you haven’t mastered styling your bangs whether you have opted for a curtain cut, swept or side finish, no need to worry because here is our guide to help. Join us with the experts from  Christophe Robin, the prestigious haircare brand for a step by step guide with styling tips and product recommendations.

  • Face Shapes
  • Styling
  • Product Recommendations
  • Tips

#1 Styling and Face Shapes

Longer bangs are the least invasive of fringe’s and give a little more shaping around the face. Knowing the shape of your face is extremely important when it comes to choosing what bangs are for you. Longer bangs suit oval, round and love heart-shaped faces.

Long bangs hair style


How to style long bangs?

  1. Separate your bangs from the rest of your hair and pull them forward. 
  2. Dry them a little so they are no longer wet but they are still moist. 
  3. Pull your bangs forward over your eyes and separate them into two sections. One section in front of the other. 
  4. The section towards the back of your head style first; using a small round brush and a hairdryer dry the hair forwards pulling it up away from your head and then down into the face. Once it is dry put it to the back. 
  5. Picking up the other section at the front of your face, using the round brush and hairdryer, work in the opposite direction. So blow dry it backwards, taking the brush under the hair and over the back of your head.
  6. Then when you bring them together it will give a thicker effect. 
  7. Once done pull forward and separate. The long ends will fall nicely into your hair with shape. 

How to style curtain/crescent bangs?

This feathered style is a favourite at the moment, with longer edges around the face it gives a warm, textured look. This fringe is flattering for love-heart shaped faces, oblong and oval faces.

Curtain bangs



  1. Dry your hair but again leave it damp with a little moisture so it holds the shape.
  2. Separate your bangs and blow dry them across your face but in the opposite direction to the way they are going to sit this will help position them in the middle. 
  3. Then separate them where you want your parting and start with one side. 
  4. Take the brush and wrap your hair around the outside of it so it’s pointing away from your face. As you blow-dry pull the hair across your face twisting the hair away from you. 
  5. Then do the same for the other side but in the opposite direction. 
  6. Once both sides are done your hair will be in the middle of your forehead but with the ends pointing outwards, leave it there for a minute to cool. 
  7. Then with your hairdryer just give it a little blast and use your fingers to fringe it out and you will have nice bouncy curtains. 

How to style short/full bangs? 

This is the ultimate, classic cut which when pulled off is the best accessory you can have. Possibly one of the hardest hair cuts to do right, it works best on square-shaped, round and oblong faces. If you prefer the micro blunt or baby bangs which is the shorter cut the same rules apply.

short bangs


  1. Separate the fringe from the rest of your hair
  2. Apply product to the roots to add hold. 
  3. Separate your hair into sections and work through them. 
  4. Working in sections, placing the brush under your fringe at the hairline and blowdry it down towards your face. 
  5. Position your hairdryer above fringe, directing the airflow from root to tip
  6. Lift your brush up and away from the hairline and follow with the hairdryer
  7. Repeat until your hair is dry and then press the cool button to set the style.

#2 Product Recommendations

  1. Our easiest tip would be to use the no frizz rescue milk to protect from the heat and shield from humidity. This will allow your hair to keep its shape and overall appearance.

2.  The pre-curved hairbrush for voluminous, long-lasting results. Having a good brush is a necessity when it comes to styling bangs.

#3 Tips 

  1. Dry Shampoo is one of the best-kept secrets to styling bangs, it adds texture that holds the shape. It also gives the appearance of more volume, making it look fuller which is something you always want.
  2. Sleep with your fringe pinned back, this will stop any build-up of grease between your hair and head when you are sleeping.
  3. If you do notice that your fringe is getting greasier than the rest of your hair and you don’t want to overwash just shampoo your fringe, giving it a quick wash and leave the rest of your hair.
  4. Get your bangs trimmed regularly. You will be using more heat on them so it will keep them healthier but it will also make them a lot easier to style.


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