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Pack Your Bag For Labour | Mum and Baby Hospital Checklist

Holly Thompson
Writer and expert2 years ago
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There is no greater moment in life than having a baby but getting through labour is often not such a shiny moment. One thing every mother, midwife and specialist will tell you is being prepared is key. Being prepared is something that can make this very nerve-wracking experience feel a little more under control even though your little one might have other ideas. So here's our guide with a hospital checklist for your labour bag... 
what to pack for the hospital

Here's our hospital bag checklist for mom and baby;

What to pack in your hospital bag?

  • Large sanitary or maternity pads just so you are comfortable and ready for any little leaks.
  • Large comfy knickers (or disposable ones) mainly for maximum comfort you especially if you have had a c-section. 
  • Everyone needs a comfortable dressing gown to keep you cosy and comfortable especially if you have a longer labour you want to feel at home, also great for when the baby is here you can easily undo and then do back up.
  • iPad or tablet, again preparing for a longer stay however I’m sure your partner will have already have some sort of entertainment lined up to take. 
  • Lip balm (hospitals are very dry)
  • Headband or ponytail holder (avoid clips—they’ll probably poke you); a versatile headband that will wick away sweat—because there will be sweat)
  • Sugar-free hard candy or lozenges to keep your mouth moist during labour (candy with sugar will make you thirsty)
  • Non-perishable snacks (this one’s totally based on preference, but get enough so you don’t run out) and change for the vending machines
  • 2 maternity bras/ seamless bra’s (no underwire) especially if you are breastfeeding and for comfort. 
  • Toiletries and personal items: hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, contact lens case and solution (remember, travel-sized products are your friends.) 
  • Loose, lightweight clothing (maternity wards can often be hot) and sleepwear that isn’t hugging, if you are breastfeeding get a set that can open from the front. 
  • Comfortable going-home clothes in six-month maternity sizes, and flat shoes (or just wear the clothes you came in—sorry, but they’ll probably still fit)
  • Two or three pairs of warm, non-skid socks (for walking the halls before and after labour); these super-fuzzy pairs are snugly or a comfortable pair of sliders or slippers.
A baby bassinet with crochet boots

What to pack for my baby in my hospital bag?

  • A hat
  • Scratch mittens
  • Socks or booties
  • Nappies
  • Cotton wool balls or pads
  • Blankets
  • Muslin squares
  • A snowsuit if it’s cold
  • Sleepsuits (including the one you want them to go home in)
  • Bodysuits or vests
  • Car Seat


How many bags can you take to the hospital? 

Depending on the hospital you can usually take two bags; one for before the labour and one for after. If their policy at the moment is only one bag, might be a good idea to leave one in the car and then switch after the birth.

When to pack your hospital bag? 

We would recommend if you are a high-risk pregnancy then get your hospital bag ready around the 35-week mark or in other cases we would recommend getting it ready around 36/37 weeks so you are all ready to go. 

Where to buy your hospital bag? 

You can shop the selection of baby bags at The Hut now.


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Holly Thompson
Writer and expert
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