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The Summer Skincare Guide

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Skincare; Oily, dry, combination, sensitive, who knows where to start? It is not an easy thing to get your head around that’s for sure! Not made any easier by the fact that what works for you in winter then only then corrupts your skin in the summer. Endless conversations over coffee dates about stress-related flare-ups, breakouts you thought you’d be too old for now and then of course the inevitable heartbreak that comes with ageing.

Our skin can be less challenging through the summer months, the oil prevents any dryness you experience through the winter and if you’re a sun worshipper then there’s no denying the instant improvement with a tan. However, here are some much-needed tips to get the best from your skin, for it to be at its healthiest from the inside out and allow us to revert away from makeup to cover up these mishaps.

Here’s our super quick summer skincare guide that will help prevent sun damage, oil build-up, dirt, premature ageing, acne and open pores.

#1 SPF

We all now know the importance of SPF for preventing skin cancer but if you want to remain to look youthful this is the secret weapon. We can be put off due to the thought of wearing something super oily and heavy on our skin every day but there are many products for every skin type so we can find the right one for you.

The daily recommendation for everyday is a minimum of SPF 30

The reason SPF is so crucial is that the UV rays from the sun degrade collagen in the skin, this leads to unnecessary wrinkles as well as an overproduction of ‘melanin’ (our skin pigment) creating pigmentation flaws and age spots. Allergy or acne-prone skin will benefit from non-fragrance and preservative-free products, while those with dry skin will want to seek out daily moisturizers with sunscreen added.

#2 Water

Water is the key to so many health benefits, it can help your digestive system, help weight loss because you won’t store food, it can help your energy levels and help the function of organs. The list goes on but the benefits to your skin are visible; the proof is quite literally in the pudding! We have all had a boozy weekend and looked in the mirror on that Sunday morning and been taken aback. Without water, your skin will become dehydrated which means it will appear dull, sunken and can lead to breakouts.

The recommended daily amount of water is 2 litres for women and 2.5 litres for men.

28% of full-time workers admitted they only drink when they are thirsty which means your body is already in a state of dehydration. Invest in a water bottle and take it with you throughout the day and you will soon realise when it’s in front of you, you will drink more.

#3 Lighter Products 

Skinimalism has taken over the beauty world as we have all switched out the heavy eye browns and contour and embraced a more natural look. Wearing a tinted moisturiser or a lighter foundation will help your skin on hotter days to breathe and help stop pores from getting clogged. You don’t need to go completely makeup-free but opting for a sheer foundation and concealer will be lighter on your skin preventing the risk of acne or dirt build-up.

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#4 Don’t Stop Moisturising

Many think you don’t need a moisturiser when it is hotter weather because your skin becomes oiler, however, the heat can dehydrate your skin and those oils aren’t always good oils. The oils produced on your skin are due to your body producing more sebum, an oily substance to protect itself from drying out. Not only that on hot days when you are sweating you want to keep your face clean and not allow your pores to get blocked up with moisture.

Tip: Use non-comedogenic moisturisers as they don’t include oil or if you prefer an oily moisturiser apply to damp skin.

#4 Antioxidants

Look for antioxidants to incorporate into your skincare routine, these are the key to reducing inflammation and skin repair. For example, Vitamin C can be in oil serums, creams or even tablets to mix into your water bottle. Everyone raves about Vitamin C because it promotes collagen production which thickens the dermis and diminishes fine lines. Ultimately helping signs of premature ageing and fine lines, this saviour also protects the skin cells from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure making it essential for your summer skincare routine.

#5 Shower Less

This might sound a little unusual as we all know on a hot summer’s day or on holiday we can have more than one shower a day. But to keep it simple, the fewer showers, the less amount of time in the shower and the cooler the temperature will all contribute to better skin. Another tip would be to dab yourself dry and not rub yourself with a harsh towel.

#6 Exfoliation

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These are key through summer for giving you that healthy glow. Using a regular exfoliator and face mask will allow you to remove any unwanted dirt and dead skin cells that you get especially if you are living or commuting into more built-up areas. The recommendation is once a week, however, if you are going on holiday to a hot destination give that week a miss. This will help with hydration, protection, uneven skin tones and the overall complexion of your skin.

Tip: Lactic acid and glycolic toners are great gentle exfoliators as they tighten the pores while gently removing the top layer. However, these should be used sparingly when you are out in the sun so always use them in your evening routine.  

#7 Diet 

Everyone is aware of the benefits of a healthy diet, it’s like everything – if you eat takeaways and ready meals we all know what happens. However, some foods which our skin loves are yellow and orange fruits such as carrots and apricots. Our skin, similar to our body, loves leafy green foods such as spinach and if you like berries, nuts and fatty fish such as salmon I’m sure your skin will thank you for it especially if you suffer from acne.

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#8 Q&A 

What can help my acne? 

  • Do not try a new product every week, routine is everything! The idea is not to treat, it is to prevent so if you can get your skin used to something that works then stick with it. 
  • Make sure you are completely washing all of your make-up off at night. 
  • Like we mentioned before look for products labelled ‘non-comedogenic‘ because they won’t clog your pores. 

What can help my rosacea? 

The sun can worsen your rosacea which is why you need to tailor your products to what you are doing and the time of year. Hydration is key so make sure you are using your moisturizer and try not to irritate your skin with sunscreen. Recommended ingredients for sunscreens; 

  • Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide or both 
  • Silicone 
  • No Fragrance – Fragrance-free/unscented
  • SPF 30 or higher 

What products to avoid when pregnant? 

We all are aware of how everything changes when you are pregnant; you can experience acne, dry skin or darkening colour and the complete opposite and have the lowest skin you have ever had in your life. But we would recommend that you stay away from the following ingredients and use a cream instead of a lotion or gel; 

  • Retinoids 
  • High – Dose Salicylic Acid 
  • Hydroquinone 
  • Phthalates 
  • Formaldehyde 
  • Chemical sunscreens 


Written by Holly Thompson


Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

Writer and expert