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With sustainability at the forefront of our minds, we have massively shifted the way we shop to combat the planet crisis. One thing we are still getting to grips with is, buying less and better, goes hand in hand with caring for our belongings. Adopting the mindset, that the reason you have a throwaway attitude is because you haven’t looked after it, will help improve your consumer habits. Prolonging the look, aesthetic and overall life span of our belongings, Steamery has come up with the answer.

Based in Stockholm, Steamery has developed a range that answers all your care and cleaning needs for your clothing and furniture. Use this guide to understand what each product is for and how to use them.

The Fabric Shaver.

As we head into spring, you will be starting to switch out your knitwears for lighter fabric choices. Before you put them away for the season, use a fabric shaver to remove pilling and bobbling. Pilling and bobbling is the biggest culprit for ageing your knitwear and it only continues to get worse. Use the Pilo Fabric Shaver on your garments, couch, wool blanket and pillows to restore them back to their original glory.

Clothing Care


How to use the fabric shaver: 

It is a chargeable device so, make sure it is charged. Use the on/off button at the top and carefully start circling the targetted areas.
To empty the container, it has a screw off adjustment where you can empty the collected fuzz. It will need to be emptied regularly so it maintains a faster motion.

The Steamer.

Keeping your clothing and soft furnishings super fresh, use the Steamery steamers. Combing a steamer with an iron, it releases creases, kills bacteria, reduces odours and freshens up the textiles. With it being a handheld device it makes it more portable and easier to use.

Steamery Steamer


How to use the steamer: 

To use the device, fill up the water tank and attach the tank to the steamer. When the button turns green it is ready to use. Talking hold of your hanging garment, run the steamer up from the bottom. Pushing the button and pressing the mouthpiece against the fabric to steam out all of the creases. You can run the steamer inside the clothing but also use the heat protection bag to get to the tricky parts such as the collar or hem.

Tumble Dryer Balls.

The Tumble Dryer Balls are made to remove static electricity and soften your laundry. Especially good for things laundry such as bedding. These are a clever, cost-effective and sustainable option instead of fabric softeners and plastic dry balls.

steamery Tumble Dryer Balls


They are made from 100% natural wood, they reduce your tumble dry time by 10-30% and will last you 3-5 years.

How to use the tumble dryer balls: 

Just throw them in your tumble dryer and away you go.


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