DAY HOME Birger et Mikkelsen | Everything you need to know

Take a closer look at one of our most loved interior brands DAY HOME Birger et Mikkelsen with everything you want to know from how it started to the latest collection.

DAY HOME continues to provide endless irresistible pieces and key finishing touches which add a little something special to our spaces!

We all know when styling our homes it seems to be a never-ending process of tweaks and changes but  Marianna Brandi’s creative eye for style is one we constantly take inspiration from when curating our own concepts.



1# About DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Home ;

DAY HOME was founded in 2005 by Marianna Brandi. Her husband set up DAY Birger et Mikkelsen the fashion brand in 1997 and since then they have reflected their personal attitude into interiors. Interiors and fashion is Marianne’s creative outlet, she has always had a passion for textiles, collecting vintage and antique fabrics from the middle and far East. These fabrics are often the source of inspiration for prints and artworks seen in the collections.

2# The DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Home Style;

Brandi’s eclectic style is characterized by subdued Scandinavian simplicity combined with maximalistic ethnic details. DAY HOME uses textiles as a strong mediator between the more elegant approach of the furnishings and ethnicity of the decor which has been recognised as part of the Scandinavian interior market for almost 20 years.

Black PORTO lamp with framed graphic posters


In an interview Brandi described how Danish people love to entertain, they like to show how they live. She describes a status attached to it and how it is all about showing your creative side and not about the labels.

3# The DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Home Collection

The DAY HOME collection is inspired by travelling and minimalist Scandinavian décor. Many of the pieces fit into a monochrome colour scheme with neutral tones but all of the accessories such as the lamps have a uniqueness in their style or a sense of deep detail.

DAY HOME LEO glass plate


We love how Brandi describes a house a bit like a wedding, something old, something new… a complete mix! Nothing is to a specific style or era. DAY HOME offers a personal take on products with an authentic feel all of which are crafted by hand in clean sustainable materials.


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