The Best Outdoor Clothing Brands for Men

As we Brits head into this spring-summer, we most likely have an on-off rainy season to look forward to. After a year full of restrictions and stay-local messaging, never before has the demand for luxury outdoor clothing been so high.

As we were chucking on our waterproofs, fleeces and walking boots – it seems that many of our favourite designers were working away on their spring-summer outerwear collections; introducing plenty of new styles and performance improvements as the demand for sustainable and durable outerwear continued to rise.

This summer, you won’t catch us inside – which is why we’ve rounded up our top outdoor clothing brands to suit both your style and exploring needs. From lightweight fleeces to the best waterproof jackets, here are our top picks from The Hut…

The Best Outdoor Clothing Brands For Men


Made for the outdoors, heritage brand Barbour has been making clothing to be worn in British weather for over 100 years. Their icon, of course, is the signature wax jacket – which continues to attract new audiences and explore new styles year after year.


Take the Barbour Beacon Broad Wax Jacket for example – unmistakably Barbour and crafted from waxed cotton, the Broad jacket encompasses Barbour heritage details but has been reimagined through the Barbour Beacon sharp and youthful lens. 

One of the best brands for everyday jackets – you can expect long-lasting immaculate quality with any Barbour purchase. 

man wearing outdoor jacket



When it comes to outdoor clothing brands, Napapijri know exactly what they’re doing. A brand born in 1987, in the shadow of Mont Blanc, Napapijri has been inspired by expeditions and explorers since it’s beginnings. 

Napapijri is an Italian brand, with a Norwegian flag for its logo and a Finnish name – which may seem a little confusing. Turns out, it’s a purposeful move from the brand – whose whole ethos is about defying labels and transcending boxes. 

Inspired by the extreme landscapes of the poles, their iconic anorak is their staple. Fashioned from water-resistant materials and filled with an innovative Thermo-fibre™ – the Napapijri anorak will protect you against the elements without compromising on style.

parajumpers jacket outdoors



If you’re looking to withstand the elements, Parajumpers won’t let you down. A brand built around the desire to explore and test our boundaries, a Parajumpers coat is a given for any outdoor clothing brand round-up. 

A legacy inspired by passion, respect and innovative performance – the highly technological components of their products are second to none. 

Parajumpers’ products are built to stand the test of time. An investment piece for any keen outdoorsman, their collections are both functional and effortlessly stylish. 


Rains have been in the outdoor clothing brand market since 2012 – providing us with Scandinavian-inspired waterproof designs made from strong polyester ever since. 

Appropriate all year round, Rains jackets are lightweight enough to be styled in summer and bring the perfect balance of fashion and function to the wearer, 

The Danish brand designs proper rainwear that can both withstand the stormiest day, and still look stylish on a sunny one – win-win! 

man climbing mountain wearing tnf


The North Face

The North Face is, of course, known for its affiliation with the outdoors – and with good reason. To be honest, there is no technical apparel without The North Face! 

Excellent quality and moderately priced, the outdoor giant defined the technologies, materials and silhouettes for men’s technical gear. 

Iconic collaborations, worldwide affiliation and ultimately stand-out quality products have made TNF the quintessential outdoor clothing brand that it is today. 

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Tommy Jeans

When thinking of Tommy Jeans, the all-American, preppy style springs to mind. One of the best-known names in fashion since the 1980s – Tommy has been delivering the best of the basics to the UK and beyond ever since.

The brand’s selection of outdoor clothing is extensive. From fleece zips to down jackets, the excellent quality associated with the household Tommy Hilfiger name can be expected from all their sub-brands including Tommy Jeans and Tommy Sport.  

Take the Tommy Jeans Essential Down Jacket for example, crafted from recycled fabric to reduce its environmental impact – the jacket is designed with subtle yet innovative technological design to keep you insulated and content come rain or shine. 


A go-to for every day guaranteed style, BOSS has been providing us with simple, fashion-forward athleisure through their collections for many years.

Focused on quality and design, BOSS is iconic for those off-duty looks. Made to last, their outdoor clothing selection is crafted using the highest quality materials. 

For lightweight outdoor wear, icons like the BOSS Athleisure Saggy Zip Hoodie are staple pieces that can be worn again and again. They also specialise in weatherproof half-zips, which keep you dry without compromising on style. 


Written by Ciara Martin

Ciara Martin

Ciara Martin

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