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Napapijri Buyers Guide

Renowned for being one of the worlds leading outdoor apparel brands, here’s everything you need to know about the premium Italian brand Napapijri. Well known for their shell jackets, read our Napapijri Buyers Guide, covering all of your most asked questions.

Napapijri Buyers Guide


What is the Napapijri brand?

Napapijiri is an Italian brand that provides specialist outdoor apparel, founded by Giuliana Rosset in 1987. The name is the Finnish word for the Artic Pole Circle and its logo is the Norwegian flag. The flag honours the great Norweigan pioneers from the golden age of exploration.

The brand combines innovative design with close attention to detail for men, women and children. Their aim is to provide you with clothing that allows you to take on any adventure no matter how harsh the weather conditions. Discovering the furthest parts of the planet provides you with the clothing to go and discover. 

Their first product was the Bering duffle bag (named after another explorer, the Dane Vitus Bering) which is simple and versatile and still one of their popular products today. Its utilitarian style is the perfect reflection of the harsh environments that they were designed to thrive.

Where was Napapijri founded?

Founded in Aosta Valley Napapijri is from the Italian Alps. A beautiful and breathtaking landscape Mount Blanc is one of the tallest mountains in Europe. Equally , it is also bleak, dangerous and covered in snow. It became the perfect inspiration for the brand. One of the brand’s core values is still to be respectful to the environment, the planet and people. 

Napapijri Buyers Guide


How to pronounce Napapijri?

There comes many interpretations, so we thought we best cover in our Napapijri Buyers Guide how to pronounce it. Napapijri is pronounced “na-pa-peeh-ree” – the “J” is silent.

Who makes Napapijri?

VF Corporation owns Napapijri as well as other well-known brands such as The North Face, Vans and Timberland. 

Are Napapijri jackets good for skiing?

Napapijri jackets can be worn for light recreational skiing. Their warm, breathable design with lots of pockets makes them a desirable choice. However, as they are not waterproof, we would not recommend prolonged and sustained exposure to heavy snowfall or ground snow that could soak through.

People often take the Napapijri jackets with them though for when they are not on the slopes. They are perfect for enjoying the resorts and attractions. Many skiers opt for a coat such as the Kelvin Parka Coat which has a zip-up front making it easy to take on and off when in and out of the warmth. 

Napapijri Buyers Guide


Are Napapijri jackets waterproof?

The reason the Napapijri jackets are water resistant and not waterproof is that if they are fully waterproof materials are harder to keep sweat from making you wet on the inside. The jackets are water resistant as they slow down the path of water and the coating helps water form beads rather than soaking in. They allow your sweat and body heat to escape which will keep you dry, fresh and comfortable. 

Are Napapijri jackets unisex?

Yes, the Napapijri is in fact a unisex jacket. It’s designed to be versatile and inclusive. Designed to provide you with quality outerwear, they don’t follow the latest trends. Although the designs can often be more masculine, that is only through inspiration from the great outdoors.  

What type of jackets are Napapijri?

The hooded shell jacket is one of their most popular jackets. That’s their over-the-head jacket which has the iconic label on the front. They also have quilted shell puffers for optimum warmth and wind resistance and rainforest open jackets which are great lightweight but practical jackets. 

What are Napapijri sizes like?

Napapijri jackets are relaxed and comfortable fitting anoraks and puffer styles. They have a number of features built in to ensure the fit such as elasticated trims with inner cuffs and adjustable hems. This will provide you with a custom fit that will naturally adjust to your shape. Jackets such as the Rainforest Jacket have features such as taped seams which are designed to keep you warm and dry inside.

If you are struggling to find the correct size for you use the size charts linked in our Napapijri Buyers Guide to help you.

Is Napapijri ethical?

Like many other brands, Napapijri is taking steps to become a more ethical brand. In 2016, the brand moved towards ethical fashion by banning all fur and down from products and developed our unique Thermo-Fibre™ insulation. Light, warm, quick-drying and, most importantly, completely animal-free.

They have been created to be “made to be made again” by using one material that is easier for recycling processes. Titled the Circular Series, it is a range of fully recyclable, Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold garments.

The Circular Series of recyclable jackets has been recognised with the prestigious Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold certification. This is the World’s most advanced standard for safe, circular and responsible materials and products. 

Napapijri Buyers Guide


Napapijri X Liberty Collaboration

The latest collaboration is between the iconic fabric specialists Liberty and Napapijri. It is dedicated to artistic explorers that highlight self-expression with a standout check from the UK institution’s archives.



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