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In the world of coffee, Sage has taken on the associations of its name to become famed for its wise, experienced approach to extracting maximum flavour from the popular brown bean. The brand demonstrates the art of coffee in its purest form, and the innovation behind its non-commercial coffee machines has seen Sage become the industry’s first brand to meet the Gold Standard in home espresso in its machines.

With an established and still climbing reputation, we decided to get hands on with the Sage by Heston Blumenthal coffee machine range and test the claims that these are now the world’s finest domestic machines.

Making world class coffee consistently at home has meant years of training and a lot of trial and error. Until now…


The Oracle: Your Personal At-Home Barista

The Oracle is the world’s first automatic manual coffee machine and meets the Gold Standard in home espresso. Voted as the most innovative domestic machine at the London Coffee Festival, the Oracle features a triple heat system with separate espresso and steam boilers to deliver water at +/-1°C of the programmed temperature—the exacting precision demanded to achieve the revered industry Gold Standard. The machine’s integrated conical burr grinder automatically grinds, doses and tamps to the industry standard of 22 grams of coffee per shot for hands-free, mess-free accuracy for each and every coffee you make. Milk texturing is also automatic and simple thanks to a lever that allows you to selected your desired style and temperature at the touch of a button.

Sage Coffee Machines 5

Sage Coffee Machines 6

For the outstanding precision the machine offers, the Oracle offers incredible ease of use. From the grinding and tamping of the coffee to the automation of the milk frother, the machine transforms the once manual processes of professional coffee making into a simple, ease, automatic process that still achieves coffee of the highest quality. Even features such as the drip tray and LCD interface are designed for maximum convenience—perfect for the coffee aficionado who wants coffee shop-quality flavour without needing any at-home barista.

Needless to say, the detail and precision of the machine works to consistently offer the best, richest flavour of coffee with each cup. The Oracle performs all the jobs of the barista to serve up the finest cup of coffee at home; unlike your local barista, however, the Oracle is able to offer the same high-quality coffee flavour each and every time thanks the meticulous precision of its automatic settings—all at the push of a button.

The Dual Boiler: For the Budding Barista

The Sage by Heston Blumenthal Dual Boiler is the world’s first domestic coffee machine to meet the Gold Standard in home espresso. Offering many commercial features and a commercial performance in a compact machine with a domestic footprint, the Dual Boiler is a hands-on, manual coffee machine built for the at-home barista.

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Sage Coffee Machines 7

The beauty of the Dual Boiler is that it allows you to extract and texture milk simultaneously thanks to its two separate boilers—just like your Barista in your local coffee shop. An integrated metallic tamper allows you to perfectly tamp your freshly ground coffee, while the machine’s pressure gauge allows you to monitor and amend the extraction pressure depending on the taste you are getting from your brew. Capable of making a single or two espresso shots, the Dual Boiler is aimed at coffee drinkers who enjoy getting creative and experimenting with the flavours the get from their coffee.

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