Back To School Tips


Back To School

We know that people who mention the dreaded ‘s’ word during the summer holidays get a response of hatred, and usually something thrown at them, but it’s almost time to go back to …school.

This process doesn’t have to be as painful as you might think. We’ve got some back to school tips for you to help your kids be excited to get back to school, rather than dreading the end of their holidays. We remember how starting the new year at school was always much more fun when you had some cool new stuff to show (or show off) to all of your friends.

A new backpack is a great start for lifting the back to school blues. We’ve put a list of school backpacks together for you on our site.

You’ll also need some lunchtime gadgets, and you can find a variety of lunchbox and water bottle solutions at The Hut. Keep hydrated with the Thermos Intak Hydration Straw Bottle or filter your water on the go with a Brita Fill & Go Water Bottle. But let’s not forget the LEGO Drinking Bottle, which is our personal favourite.

Lego Lunch

Lego Lunch

We LOVE these LEGO lunch accessories, and quite frankly wish these were around when we were at school. But then again, there’s nothing wrong with an adult taking a LEGO lunchbox into work now is there.

Insulated Brown Paper Bag Lunch Bag

Insulated Brown Paper Bag Lunch Bag

For more school lunch ideas, why not pack the kids’ lunches into this new take on an old classic: the Brown Paper Bag insulated lunch bag. This bag’s appearance is deceptive as it is made from tyvek, which is a leak-proof and tear-proof material. It also has a strong double magnet in the opening to keep your lunch secure, and is insulated to keep in heat or to keep its contents chilled. It’s very handy.

For our full range of back to school supplies you can find them here on our dedicated Back To School page, where you can get the kids kitted out and ready for the new term.

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