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We’ve been longing to feel the sun on our faces for what seems like a lifetime, bringing those freckles out from hibernation and finally stripping away the winter layers. Holiday season is here, and as Superdry’s summer campaign ‘Summer or Nothing’ suggests only summer will do. If you’re looking for some  destination inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Destinations For Couples

Summer or Nothing

Santorini | Greece

If you’re looking for a romantic holiday destination then look no further, is there anything more idyllic than a sunset stroll along a sandy beach with your love? Santorini is our top pick for couples, with a wealth of history in Greek mythology mesmerising views and exceptional cuisine, it really does tick all the boxes. Enjoy lazy days by the crashing waves and the taste of crisp white wine on your lips while you read your favourite romance novel. The white walls, gardens and tranquil seas are fit for a postcard, explore cave-like pools with exquisite views of the island and top your day off with a shot of ouzo.

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Pwoys North Wales

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The UK is home to a plethora of country escapes, hidden gems that we need to start taking advantage of. So, if you’re after the ultimate staycation, immerse yourself in the great British countryside. From the Scottish highlands to the south coast, the UK is rife with heritage, national parks and regional delicacies to taste. In the heart of north Wales, Powys, you can stay in a luxury tree house deep in the woods completely switch off and be at one with nature. Great for lovers of nature, bring bikes and explore the forests or take a picnic and bask in mother nature’s fields.

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City Break with Friends

Getting a group of friends together for a city break is one of life’s real luxury’s. From organising everybody’s annual leave schedule to – is everyone going to like the destination!? It can be a real struggle, well at least we’ve taken one of these worries off your list. Copenhagen has always been a top city break destination, but now is the time to visit, not only for it’s Scandinavian cool but Lonely Planet has chosen it for it’s top city to visit for Best in Travel 2019.

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For Travellers

Dreaming of turning the out of office on for the foreseeable? If you’re tempted to go travelling, whether that’s for a month or a year, it can be a hard to make a final decision on destination. From Asia to Oceania there’s a wealth of continents, cultures and cuisines to explore. If you’re looking to experience something a little Latino, get yourself on a flight to South America and make your way through a wealth of breathtaking countries. From Peru and Brazil to Columbia and Chile, South America is the most versatile travelling destination out there. If you’re looking for world class surf, mountains to climb, deserts to explore and unique wildlife then South South America is the place for you.


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