Craghoppers Nosilife: A Traveller’s Best Friend

We’ve all been there: enjoying an evening stroll through the countryside or watching the sunset on the horizon only to be attacked by an invasion of mosquitos. Is there anything worse than being woken after a relaxed evening in the middle of the night to the aggressive buzzing of a single mosquito you know will have left dozens of irritating, itchy bites all over your body? The bane of your summer travels, mosquitos and other biting insects have the power to quickly destroy the utopian image you had of your relaxing holiday.

What is NosiLife?

The latest NosiLife collection from Craghoppers directly addresses the problem of biting insects at home or abroad. NosiLife is Craghoppers’ insect-repellent clothing, which features active ingredients built into the fabric which prevent mosquito bites and feeding by more than 90%. An important and innovative breakthrough in textile production, NosiLife offers protection for the lifetime of the garment without requiring any maintenance or treatment update after washing. The repellent is effective on all insects from mosquitos to midges, working to repel insects as soon as they touch the fabric.

Why is NosiLife important?

While mosquitos and other biting insects are often deemed as simply an irritating holiday phenomenon, they do in fact pose the potential for great health risk. Each year, 500,000 cases of malaria are reported around the world while the Zika virus—which currently has no protective vaccine—was declared a global public health emergency in 2016. NosiLife is the world’s first and only permanent insect-repellent clothing, preventing 90% of mosquito bites and thus helping against the infection of malaria, the Zika virus and other transmitted diseases.

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If it repels bugs, will I smell too?

Absolutely not. NosiLife uses an active insect-repellent ingredient called Permethrin often used in hand wash and other skin care products whose scent cannot be picked up by humans and other large mammals. The NosiLife system was originally designed for use against dust mites for use in hospitals and bedding, and Craghoppers have evolved the system for use in technical outdoor clothing. The NosiLife range is odourless, completely safe and repels insects and bugs upon impact.

So NosiLife is designed just for travellers?

While the NosiLife range is built for performance in hotter climates, its products are also perfect for everyday activities at home. Whether you’re out doing some gardening, meandering through the local woods on a Sunday afternoon or taking on the Three Peaks Challenge, NosiLife will prevent any unwanted encounters with bugs and insects on your outdoor escapades.


Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert