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When shopping for a new wardrobe, it’s easy to get sucked into the latest fashion fads. However, there’s a lot more to looking good than knowing what’s on trend and what’s not…

Finding flattering looks is considerably easier if you know how to dress for your body shape. To generalise, the majority of women fall into one of four shapes – hourglass, triangle, circle or rectangle – but may not be aware of how to pick clothes that best complement their figures.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Whatever your body shape, The Hut has the definitive guide to making the most of your curves – showing you how to pick pieces that will flatter your fabulous figure!

Hourglass Body Type

Much like Marilyn Monroe, you’ve got a narrow waist and wider shoulders and hips – that sultry, pin-up look. It’s time to make the most of your assets, so pick pieces that emphasise your nipped in middle half and pull the rest of you into proportion. We’re loving wrap dresses this season, and think the kimono silhouette is perfect for hourglass shapes.

Triangle Body Type

If you’ve got a triangle body type, you’ve probably got wider hips, and then smaller shoulders and a petite bust up top. For triangles, it’s all about balancing out your bottom and top halves, so pick tailored jackets and coats with wider shoulders to make your waist look tiny. Choose a blazer with structured elements in heavy fabrics for best results.

Circle Body Type

If you’re prone to gaining weight in your mid-section, with slim legs and narrow shoulders, you’ve got a circular body shape. When shopping, look for clothes that show off your gorgeous pins – we think skinny jeans are a must have. If you’re picking a darker jean, go for a block colour, but if you’re opting for something lighter, try a distressed denim – the breakup in tones will make your legs look even slimmer.

Rectangle Body Type

Also know as an ‘athletic’ shape, rectangles are straight up and down, and all in proportion. Give the illusion of some killer curves with a pretty skater skirt that flares out from the hips; pick a style that has a texture or print, too, to emphasise the look of a narrow waist and wider hips.

Need more inspiration for your wardrobe? Have a peek at what’s new at The Hut here!

Lily Shepherd

Lily Shepherd

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