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Cult Beauty Products for Summer 2018

When it comes to beauty products, there are a select few that we just can’t live without. Trends may come and go but these must-haves will always own a firm place in our beauty bags.


  1. Eve Lom Face Oil
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    Eve Lom Face Oil

    This lightweight, nourishing face oil from Eve Lom contains a unique blend of beautifying ingredients.

    Hemp seed oil provides moisture without leaving skin feeling greasy, with the help of avocado oils, rich in fatty acids, skin appears fuller and healthier. Infused with Vitamin C to brighten, rosemary leaf extract – an antioxidant which protects and moisturises – and Abyssinian oil to fight against the signs of aging, this cult product offers a smooth, glowing complexion.

    Dubbed ‘dewy skin in a bottle’, there’s no reason which everyone shouldn’t be applying two to three drops of this precious elixir every morning.

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  2. ESPA Skin Brush
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    ESPA Skin Brush

    The largest organ of your body? Your skin of course. After being subjected to harsh materials, cold weather, and a lack of vitamin D during those winter months, your skin could use a little pick me up. Packed with dense organic bristles from Mexican cacti plants, the ESPA Skin Brush, smooths and tones for beautifully radiant skin.

    There are countless benefits to body brushing. First, exfoliating the skin on your body helps remove dead skin cells, impurities and protects against ingrown hairs. A simple body-brush pre moisturise or wax can work wonders.

    Encourage lymph drainage by using a firm dry brush on skin every morning before showering or bathing, prepare skin for product, increase circulation, improve the appearance of cellulite and muscle tone, stimulate the nervous system – this list is endless.

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  3. Caudalie Premier Cru Serum
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    Caudalie Premier Cru Serum

    The winner of countless awards, Caudalie’s Premier Cru is a powerhouse in the world of anti-aging. Combining the brand’s most formidable skincare ingredients, including resveratrol, grape polyphenols and a new ingredient, Vinergy, the serum promises to combat the signs of aging.

    Rerveratrol, the ingredient that built the brand, uses elements of the vine plant to defend against weather and harsh conditions. The anti-inflammatory properties battle against environmental agressors like UV rays, stress, and pollution.

    The breakthrough formula Vinergy is the result of a long partnership with the University of Harvard. Vinergy is a patented technology that is all about energising the skins cells. Cell activity is stimulated and radiance is restored for a smoother, more toned, visibly younger-looking complexion thanks to the production of collagen and elastin.

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  4. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse
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    Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

    A cult product loved by beauticians and makeup artists, Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse, otherwise known as dry oil, is one of a kind. Looking and feeling like a regular oil, the liquid prodigy melts into the skin without residue. Absorbing straight away, skin is immediately hydrated without any of the stickiness normally associated with oil.

    Launched in 1991 and still legendary today, the oil can be used in multiple ways to nourish, repair, and soften skin and hair. Mix two or three drops of Huile Prodigieuse with your daily moisturiser to make skin softer and suppler. Say goodbye to chapped lips by applying the oil directly to the mouth or mixing the product in with your favourite lip cream – this is also works as a great base if you find your matte lipstick dries out throughout the day. Equally, the oil is great on elbows, knees and those dry areas that need some extra love.

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