Buy Now, Wear Now | Your Last Minute Summer Saviours

Summer is the time for spontaneity, full of last minute parties, plans and days out, when the weather permits of course. With so many possibilities, it’s hard to know what to add to your basket for the summer season and what essentials you should invest in when your calendar could change at any minute. To save scrolling time and give you longer out in the sun, here are our suggested buy now, wear now summer saviours. For all your on trend and ready-to-wear needs, look no further.

Last Minute Summer Party

For all summer occasions, the midi dress is a go-to summer saviour. The most versatile dress-type, a midi works for every body shape and every level of formality.  Received a last minute wedding invite? Dress it up with heels, a matching bag and some accessories. Unsure what to wear for a garden party? Pair it with some fresh white trainers for a more casual spin. Unexpected rain on the big day? No worries, throw a light jacket over the top and it still looks just as good. In a bold colour and floral print, the midi is the ultimate effortless garment, needing little to no styling. Simply throw on and you’re good to go.



Impromptu BBQ

What else is there to do on an unexpected hot day than grab your friends, grab some food and host a BBQ in the sun? A summertime favourite calls for a sartorial summer saviour and denim shorts are a staple as they remain perpetually on trend. Blue denim shorts are definitely a piece to invest in, as high quality denim will see you through not only this summer but many more to come, ready to pull out whenever the weather permits. To keep them looking perfect, wash as infrequently as possible on a cold setting and consider going for an indigo blue to help mask to inevitable ketchup and grass stains. Pair with a simple t-shirt and some slip on shoes for an outfit as chill as you’ll feel after an evening in the garden.

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Why-Not Day Out

The best days are unplanned so a good bag to hold all essentials is a must. Finding something big enough to hold your purse, water and sun-cream, but not too big to weigh you down can be a tricky balance, but a leather drawstring handbag is a great option offering all the space of a tote bag with added security. And for the outfit, if in doubt a jumpsuit is always a good choice. Moving seamlessly from country pub to city, giving you all the comfort and all the style, a patterned jumpsuit will cover you for all the adventures you might end up on. 


Written by Lucy Harbron

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Emma Bowkett

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