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7 Easy Ways to Minimise Pores

Despite a slew of products on the market claiming to do so and over half a million results in Google for the phrase “how to get rid of pores”, the truth is that you can’t actually “get rid” of your pores. And why would you want to? Pores are a natural and essential part of your skin’s eco system, allowing your skin to breathe and your body to rid itself of any unwanted toxins.

That said, we’ve all reached the stage where we would rather just be rid of our pores. Oily skin, blackheads, and pimples all result from uncared for pores, making taking care of them an essential part of any effective skincare regime. Although you can’t actually get rid of them, you can minimise and conceal the appearance of pores and help reduce the build-up of oils, blackheads and spots. Here’s how you do it in seven simple steps.

1) Unclog

The most effective way to reduce the appearance of pores is to keep them clear, clean and unclogged. Clay masks offer a quick, simple solution to wick oil out of congested pores while also helping control oil production and hydrating the skin.

2) Embrace Oil

There is a general misconception that using oil-containing cleansers on oily skin can only worsen the matter. In actual fact, facial oil dissolves better in oil than in water, and so using cleansers that contain oils is the most effective way of cleaning out your pores.

3) Deep Cleansing

Attempting to squeeze out blackheads not only results in damaging the skin, but the oil from your fingers will most likely make your skin greasier and add more oil into your skin. Use deep cleansing pore strips to draw out oil and dirt for instant gratification, but be sure not too use them too frequently as this can make them larger over time.

Additionally, we recommend using a charcoal face wash to draw oil out of the skin. Charcoal is known for its ability to bind and extract oil and dirt which will help leave your pores ultra-clean.

4) Incorporate Retinoid into your Routine

Certain products containing retinoid—a derivate of vitamin A which fights acne and firms the skin—reduce the appearance of pores by essentially resurfacing the skin over time which in turn unclogs pores and makes them appear smaller.

5) Use a Pore Minimiser

Ingredients such as glycolic acid, azelaic acid, willow bark extract and green tea are all pore minimising by working to clean oil and dirt out of the pores. Glycolic acid exfoliates the skin to keep your pores clean; Azelaic acid is known to help control acne and keep pores from clogging up; Willow bark extract helps keep your skin from becoming inflamed, and green tea contains antioxidants which help fight the free radicals that lead to premature skin aging.

6) Sun Protection

Sun damage causes your pores to increase in size due to the damage of the collagen and elastic tissue which gives the skin structural support. Ensuring you use UV protection is key to minimising your pores in the long-term, and we would recommend using primers containing an SPF which will smooth over the pores while also providing sun protection.

7) Firm up

As you grow older, your skin loses collagen and elastin which work to keep your skin and pores tight. This causes the skin to sag, resulting in pores changing from a round shape into a droopy, teardrop shape perfect for housing dirt. Ingredients such as yeast extract help strengthen and firm up pore walls, reducing their size and aiding to restore a circular appearance.

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert