How to Take the Perfect Flatlay

One of the biggest social media trends of 2016 has to be the flatlay. (Wondering what a flatlay actually is? It’s a photograph of numerous objects which tell a visually-striking story, shot from above.) With over 1 million photos tagged with ‘flatlay’ on Instagram, and one of the most effective ways to display products and convey a theme, it’s time to master this ever-effective photography technique!

Wondering how to take the perfect flatlay? We’re here to help…


Get Inspired

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First things first – it’s time to do some research! Have a browse of Instagram and Pinterest to discover what sort of flatlays work, and which don’t – think about what kind of added extras you can include (flowers, succulents) and if you want a background (marble works well!) or whether you’ll keep it white.


Natural Lighting


Possibly the most important rule of flatlay photography: shoot in natural lighting. Natural light doesn’t create ugly shadows, and is especially clear and atmospheric – more so first thing in the morning.


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Take Your Time

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The perfect flatlay takes time, so don’t rush! Think about where you’re placing your props and make sure the pieces you choose complement each other: keep equal amounts of space between your products, and experiment with angles and alignments before getting too snap-happy.


Pick a Colour Scheme

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Overcrowding of colours, textures or products can make your flatlay look messy and mismatched, so pick a colour scheme – and stick to it. The most Instagram-friendly (and easy to master!) are pastels, monochrome, and varying shades of one colour.


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Shoot From Above

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A flatlay needs to be taken from a birds-eye view, so to get the best angle for your shot, try and get as high above your pieces as you possibly can. Stand on a chair or lay your look out on the floor – then make sure you’re taking the photograph at a flat angle, to keep all elements on the same level.


Every flatlay needs the perfect props. We think these would look great in any photograph…

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