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True or False? Beauty Myths Debunked

If you’ve ever slathered mayo onto your tresses in the hope of shinier hair, or plastered a pimple with Colgate, you’re not alone – ask most beauty-savvy individuals, and they’ll probably agree that these methods work. Or do they?

We dug a little deeper into some widely accepted beauty myths to see which were true and which were false – this could be worth reading before preparing a Hellmann’s hair mask…


“Hair is self-cleaning.”


We all know someone who claims that washing your hair is pointless – that if you leave it long enough, your hair will start to clean itself. Sounds unpleasant – although quite a time saver – but should we be taking heed?

False (sort of.) Your hair won’t clean itself, but the oils on the strands will reach a balance – in short, your hair won’t be as horribly greasy as it gets after a few days of neglect, but not as clean as when it’s freshly washed.  However, this isn’t particularly good for your hair (or your hygiene!) so stock up on your favourite shampoos.


“Toothpaste gets rid of pimples.”

Pimples always seem to rear their heads at the most inconvenient times, and if you’ve not got any spot-treatments handy, toothpaste can seem a handy alternative.

This one does have some truth behind it: toothpaste acts as a drying agent, so draws any impurities and moisture away from the affected area. However, whilst toothpaste can make spots look less angry, it’s not a solution for regular breakouts, or a way to prevent ones in the future – in fact, using toothpaste excessively on your skin can irritate and dry your face, causing even worse pimples to occur. Prevention is the best cure, so make sure you’ve invested in some professional quality skincare, for beautifully soft and stress-free skin.


“Your hair gets used to your shampoo.”


Do you swap your shampoos regularly? Have you noticed that your hair is shinier, bouncier and healthier when you rotate your haircare?

Well, you’d be wrong – this is entirely false. Shampoo doesn’t stop working, but you hair condition can change: the most likely culprit may be product build-up from sprays, mousses and gels. Try a clarifying shampoo once a month to strip away any residue left behind from the environment, and then go back to your normal shampoo with ease.


“You should never tweeze above your eyebrows.”


Brows are big right now – we’re all crushing on Cara Delevingne’s bold arches. However, we’re often told that it’s forbidden to pluck hairs from above your brow: they’ll be gone forever and never grow back if you do so. True or false?

False, false, false – unless you want untidy, unfinished-looking brows. Whilst most tweezing should happen below the brows, to really sharpen the arches and create a defined shape, don’t feel guilty about plucking out those unruly upper hairs, too. Be careful not to overpluck, though – this can make the brows unnaturally flat, rather than curved, making your expression permanently moody.


“Mayonnaise is good for your hair.”


We’ve all been there: stood in the bathroom, a jar of mayonnaise in hand. Supposed to make your hair shiny, glossy and healthy, people have been using mayo as a conditioning treatment for years – but is it a step too far?

Unfortunately for you – but fortunately for your sandwiches – there’s nothing to suggest mayo is good for your hair, making this myth entirely false. The claim comes from the oils in this egg-based condiment, which can make hair smooth and glossy, but the thickness of the product will clog up your brush, turn your locks matted and smell horrible. Try a glossing treatment instead, and keep the mayonnaise in the fridge.



Lily Shepherd

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