The Return of Juicy Couture

Iconic Noughties Name, Juicy Couture, Makes a Comeback

We all have fond memories of trends of trends gone by. From scrunchies to corduroy, the looks of our youth will always have a place in our hearts but like the aforementioned trends, these styles have a tendency to make unexpected comebacks. Enter Juicy Couture, the latest brand to garner a new found following from Millennials and Gen Z’ers alike.


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A New Creative Lead

Joining the company in August of this year, celebrity stylist Jamie Mizrahi brings with her that ‘it’ girl cool that for so long was synonymous with Juicy. Having dressed the likes of Katy Perry, Riley Keough, Sasha Lane, Suki Waterhouse, and Juicy Couture devotee Nicole Richie, Mizrahi has already embraced the brand’s bold and irreverent Los Angeles spirit. And in true LA fashion, Mizrahi hit the ground running, custom making a baby pink velour track top and skirt for Perry and track short and bejewelled sports-bra for Lane.


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As a stylist, Jamie understands the need for that ‘cool’ aesthetic and promotes fashion for the Instagram generation. “It’s going to be about constantly pushing this brand in a direction where we can excite people,” Mizrahi told Vogue. “The possibilities are endless.” And with plans to turn the tracksuit into athleisure attire for the modern woman, we can definitely see where she is coming from.


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The Velour Tracksuit Is Back

Track is back. More than ever, we’re swapping our stiff jeans and work attire for something looser and more casual. First came sports-luxe, then athleisure, but have you noticed the return of the rhinestone? Rather than immersing herself in the archives and recreating looks from the past, Mizrahi has chosen to bring back that tongue in cheek noughties style that we know and love. Cue Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s The Simple Life style.


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“I am not trying to reinvent Juicy,” Mizrahi told WWD. “It has such a brand identity already — carefree, tongue-in-cheek fashion. What I’m doing is taking the history that is so special and continuing to make it feel fun and wearable by bringing back silhouettes and materials and making them work for the modern woman.” Rather than capitalising on a nostalgic trend, Mizrahi is looking to make Juicy style timeless, a celebration of an American heritage brand known and loved by the masses. “There has to be a balance of old, nostalgic pieces and new [ideas], but that’s the fun part of being at a brand like this,” Mizrahi continued. “When I ask my friends about their first tracksuit, they all remember it was Juicy. There are so many memories and I’m still trying to appeal to those women who first fell in love with it back then.”


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