Our Top Festival Essentials You Don’t Want To Forget


Festivals are the ultimate celebration of music and culture and a time when fashion and practicality need to work in accordance with one another. As you wait in anticipation of the weather, what you pack is crucial.

The season for music is officially here with such festivals in the UK as Kendal Calling, RiZE Festival, Bestival, Boom Town and Creamfields all setting up camp in the fields this summer. If you’re packing for a global festival such as Sziget Festival in Hungary, Osheaga Festical in Canada, Lollapaooza in Chicago or Dekmantal in Amsterdam, you cannot afford to forget the essentials every festival requires.

As the perfect retreat for groups of friends and like-minded individuals, a festival can be a whole new experience. From the crowds to the truck food, the drinks and the atmosphere, a festival provides more than the standard party or musical rave – they bring vibrancy and adventure into a unique music culture.

Organising yourself for such an event can be a confusing and tricky task, especially if this is your first year of attendance. Fear no more, The Hut has created an essentials checklist for both men and women to help reduce your packing time!

For Men

For Women


The Extras

The bits and pieces that are usually forgotten, but when remembered, are highly useful…


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By Olivia Seed

Olivia Seed

Olivia Seed


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