Street Style Icons | A Guide To Tommy Jeans

You’re likely to have seen Tommy Jeans pop up once or twice in your lifetime, perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering what actually is Tommy Jeans, and where did it come from?

Casual yet confident,  Tommy Jeans has a natural and youthful energy – one that is free-spirited, rebellious and playful by nature. The Tommy Jeans label has been around since 1985 and today the brand is distinguished in every corner of the globe.

Tommy Jeans

Keen to know a little more? Here’s our quickfire guide to Tommy Jeans…

#1 What Is Tommy Jeans?

Tommy Jeans is a go-to for premium denim – but they also have a whole range of products spanning across both men’s and women’s collections. Paying homage to the origins of the Tommy Hilfiger brand, Tommy Jeans products are perfect for achieving that ‘effortless athleticism’ look and are designed with everyone in mind.

The original icon of Street Style, the Tommy Hilfiger brand has been around since 1985 where it has – very cleverly – maintained its authentically Tommy niche. In modern years, the brand has ramped up its commitment to sustainability, resulting in a ‘waste nothing’ mindset.
While Tommy Hilfiger remains the company’s Principal Designer and provides leadership and direction for the design process, Tommy Jeans has a long line of successful and iconic collaborations under its belt.

#2 Are Tommy Jeans (Jeans) True To Size?

Tommy Jeans products are generally true to size. To help you choose the right fit, we recommend that you compare each product’s measurements with your own using the Tommy Jeans size guide below.

Tommy Jeans


#3 Tommy Jeans (Jeans) Size Guide

Below is a standardised guide to give you an idea of what size you will need, we recommend that you compare each product’s measurements with your own to get the best fit!

See Men’s Size Guide

See Women’s Size Guide

Tommy Jeans


#5 Are Tommy Jeans and Tommy Hilfiger the same?

No. Tommy Jeans is essentially Tommy Hilfiger’s preppy younger sibling. Made up of iconic denim styles and classics reinvented, the brand has more of a modern, casual edge and youthful energy than its historic counterpart.

Tommy Jeans is a brand that is renowned for its casual yet confident attitude. Embodied by the many generations of youth who have worn the brand. Known for their commitment to sustainability and quality, they’re continually moving forward and staying fresh.

#6 Tommy Jeans Style

Tommy Jeans is the perfect brand to achieve that ultimate East Coast, modern American look. With refreshing takes on classic Tommy Hilfiger designs, TJ’s vast ‘old-school-cool’ collection spans across Men’s, Women’s and Accessories. With its distinctive colour palette and bold embroidery, the Tommy Jeans range is famed for its relaxed 90’s aesthetic. Here are some of the main details you can expect from the collection…

**1. Preppy and Classic: Tommy Jeans often incorporate preppy and classic designs, with upper-class American references inspired by sports such as polo.

**2. Nautical Influence: The brand often draws inspiration from nautical themes, featuring maritime colours like navy, white, and red. Stripes, anchor motifs, and maritime-inspired details are commonly found in Tommy Jeans collections.

**3. Logo-Centric: They are often known for featuring the brand’s iconic red, white, and blue logo. The logo is bold and eye-catching, adding a sporty and distinctive touch to the clothing.

**4. Denim Emphasis: As the name suggests, denim is a central component of Tommy Jeans’ style. The brand is renowned for its high-quality denim products, including jeans, jackets, and shorts. These items often feature a range of washes and finishes to give that more urban edge.

**5. Athleisure Elements: Tommy Jeans very often incorporates athleisure as a key part of the collection. Offering comfortable and versatile pieces that are perfect for building the younger demographic lasting wardrobe. This can include track pants, hoodies, and sweatshirts.

**6. Youthful and Casual: Tommy Jeans exudes a youthful and laid-back vibe, making it a popular choice! The brand’s designs are often characterized by a relaxed fit and a comfortable feel, perfect for everyday wear.

**7. Urban Influence: Tommy Jeans draws inspiration from urban streetwear culture, incorporating trends and styles commonly associated with city life. This can include elements like oversized fits, street-inspired graphics, and a contemporary edge.

**8. Seasonal Collections: Like many fashion brands, Tommy Jeans releases seasonal collections that may reflect current trends, colour palettes, and design elements. These collections keep the brand’s offerings fresh and in line with the latest trends.

Tommy Jeans


#7 Where To Buy Tommy Jeans

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