Our favourite eco-friendly and sustainable fashion brands

The fun of consumerism can be easily dampened by the thought of the harm caused to the environment. We are all becoming more conscious of the effects our actions, and purchases, have on the world. With that said we are asking more from brands. With the increased awareness of green-washing brands are being made to improve across all areas and we wanted to showcase the best in class. We have picked out our favourite sustainable fashion brands, that embrace ethical, responsible and sustainable business practices, so you can enjoy some guilt-free shopping…

Sustainable Fashion Brands


omnes dresses


Launched in July 2020, OMNES; meaning “all”, as in we are all in this together to shop better and think about where our clothing is coming from. The core purpose of starting the brand was to make an impact on the current “fast fashion” crisis, by creating eco-friendly and sustainable clothing using organic materials and withstanding ethical manufacturer production.

Through every stage of production, OMNES’ sustainable efforts are at the forefront of their strategy, from each piece designed in the London studio to fabric and production to the final product, right through to recycling. They continue to innovate, learn, improve and educate their consumer on how to shop better and ensure their clothing lasts longer.


sustainable fashion brands


ALIGNE are a new womenswear brand that has style and sustainability at its core. Their contemporary and effortless collections are why they are one of the sustainable fashion brands trending right now. Their pieces have a very timeless aesthetic, the type of pieces you would invest in and wear forever. Linen suits, cotton dresses and denim jumpsuits are team favourites that will never go out of fashion.

100% of their collections are made from at least 50% conscious materials. It’s a minimum of 50% eco-friendly fabric in each product and over half of the products are 100% planet-friendly. 54% of their factories are in Europe and Turkey and everyday workspaces have ethical audits by SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) to be completely transparent when it comes to their factory practices.


ALOHAS are a sustainable footwear brand that has perfected high-quality, trending footwear. They have become a cult leader for their incomparable leather boots and sandals, elegant silhouettes and chunky trainers. Often sustainable fashion brands can come with a price but ALOHAS footwear doesn’t break the bank.

Sustainable fashion brands


The brand work to an on-demand business model meaning they never over-produce and only make what is actually needed. All manufacturing is kept local in Barcelona and handcrafted in Alicante, using trusted artisans from local areas who believe in sustainable and ethical manufacturing. And lastly, they developed vegan materials without harming the planet offering innovative plant-based leather that looks and feels as good as leather.


Liewood is a Copenhagen-based band that creates aesthetically pleasing children’s products that won’t ruin your home interiors. Not only providing your little ones will all the clothing, toys and essentials they need but the collection is timeless in muted and neutral colours that will not stick out like a sore thumb.

Not only that, Liewood’s ethos is to be fun and fair. Rooted in Nordic design traditions they have an ethical approach to manufacturing. Their products are based on original workmanship using high-quality materials, made under controlled, safe and fair conditions and with trusted suppliers.

sustainable fashion brands



Crās in another Copenhagen brand leading from the front. Designing joyous women’s fashion that is bright, feminine and subtly glamourous, this women’s label is trending right now as it offers women a sustainable option when they want to dress up.

One of the sustainable fashion brands rooted in the desire to rethink lifestyle consumption for a better future. Creating responsibly made pieces only in certified sustainable and natural fabrics reducing the footprint of all of their collection. The fabrics range from certified recycled polyester, the new “green“ type of viscose Eco Vero, natural silk and organic cotton.


The core reason TOMS was set up was to give back to disadvantaged communities. Founder Blake Mycoskie witnessed first-hand the terrible hardship experienced by many children when travelling in Argentina. Wanting to help, he set up TOMS, a shoe company that gave back one pair of shoes, to a disadvantaged child, with every purchase made. They called it ‘One for One’. This initiative has spread throughout the growing brand, including eyewear. With every pair of eyewear purchased, TOMS will fund and aid the sight of a child in need of glasses, medical treatment and even surgery.

Now, for every £3 TOMS makes, they give £1 away. TOMS is committed to giving at least 1⁄3 or more of its annual net profits to organisations focused on physical safety, mental health, and equal access to opportunity. Since the birth of the brand, they have given 90+ million pairs of shoes to those in need, conducted 780,000 sight restorations and provided 722,000 weeks’ worth of safe drinking water.

Bobo Choses

Bobo Chooses is a sustainable fashion brand that gets kidswear right. They design adorable, joyful clothing but with a traditional and timeless style for your little ones. With lots of prints from sailoring boats to fish and flowers, there are so many charming pieces to choose from.

sustainable fashion brands


Not only that, the brand is responsible for its social and environmental footprint. Striving to replace conventional materials having less of an impact on the planet, such as Organic cotton and BCI and recycled fabrics such as denim fabric which is 20% GRS-certified recycled cotton in our latest collection.


Melissa is a footwear brand that’s a trend-led jelly and Y2K-inspired style made them very popular. Their chunky sandals for women and little girls are playful and fun for summer.

Not only, does the brand create ultra-cute shoes, but the brand is also sustainable turning plastic into something extraordinary. All of the collections are crafted from a specially formulated PVC Melflex© which is 100% recyclable. Created to be durable and renewable, Melissa shoes have a longer lifespan as the same pair can be melted and remoulded into new products.

With a focus on being sustainability-conscious to celebrate World Environment Day this year, we have launched (more:trees) with the pledge to plant 1 million trees for customers. 

more:trees campaign image

World Environment Day is a United Nations (UN) initiative that is celebrated globally on 5th June every year. It was launched in 1974 as a way to engage governments, businesses and citizens with pressing environmental issues and ignite positive change.

Every year, there are a variety of events that aim to inspire our consumption habits and adopt greener practices. This year’s theme is Ecosystem Restoration and marks the launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. 

• Every three seconds the world loses enough forest to cover a football pitch. 

• In the last century, we have destroyed half of our wetlands. 

• As much as 50% of coral reefs have already been lost. 

Ecosystem restoration means helping the recovery of ecosystems that have been destroyed or degraded such as forests. Ecosystem restoration can happen in a variety of ways, including tree planting. 

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Meet the eligibility requirement (minimum spend £0.01)
  • Add the gift with purchase at the check out to your basket
  • Check your email on redeeming 
  •  Signs up to (more:trees) and receive a tree in your name and a tree for a friend (welcome email from (more:trees) sent, with instruction on how to set up your account)




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