The Best Jeans For Your Body Type

It can feel like the mission to find the perfect pair of jeans is never-ending, it’s a game we’re always playing, slogging in and out of changing rooms trying to find the right ones.Denim is without a doubt the most stressful thing to shop for, so trust us, we feel your pain!

The right pair of quality denim jeans will last a lifetime, fitting like a second skin and making you feel super confident, making all the trials and tribulations worth it. With so many different fits, the first stage should be to figure out which jeans style ‘suits’ your body best.

Obviously, confidence comes from within – and we should all feel free to wear whatever we like! But for a point in the right direction and a run-down of which styles will fit best, here’s our guide to the best jeans for your body type… 

What are the best jeans for my body type?

  • Hourglass – Straight leg jeans
  • Petite – Skinny jeans
  • Athletic – Bootleg jeans
  • Tall – Wide leg jeans
  • Triangle – Paperbag jeans

#1 Hourglass 

jeans for hourglass figure


If you have an hourglass figure, look for a fit that hugs your curves to accentuate your shape. To emphasise your waist, high-waist jeans are going to perfect that hourglass silhouette and are most likely to fit both your smaller waist and curvier hips.

Straight leg or mom jean styles are super flattering on hourglass figures, smoothing around the hips then dropping down into a stylish cut that can be dressed up or down. 

#2 Petite 

Trying to find jeans that sit right on petite frames can be tricky. Your best bet for finding jeans that won’t swamp you is to look for ankle-grazing or cropped styles if a brand doesn’t offer petite options. When it comes to style, skinny jeans will naturally lengthen your leg, especially high-waisted styles.

With their slimming and narrowing effect, skinny jeans give the illusion of lengthening and are also a style that’s easily rolled up in case the legs are a little too long. By their nature, skinny jeans are always a good shout for smaller frames. 

jeans for petite girls


#3 Athletic  

If your body is more straight up and down, some high-waisted styles might not fit quite right on your hips. Instead, the best jeans for your body type will be a mid-rise style that will fit both your waist and hips. If you’re feeling adventurous, test out a new style with bootcut or flared jeans. Not only do these styles make your leg look a million miles long, but more stylistic, shapely jeans will give the illusion curves as well as leaving you with a silhouette that’s lengthened and slimmed 

jeans for hourglass figure


#4 Tall 

If you’re looking for a style that will accentuate your legs, or maybe shorten a long torso, high-waisted wide-leg jeans look amazing. Dressed down with a trainer or dressed up with a heeled sandal, wide-leg jeans are super versatile but require no effort to make them look really well styled. Style with a cropped jumper or a t-shirt loosely tucked in for a silhouette that will shorten your torso and give you legs for days!

best jeans for hourglass figures


#5 Triangle 

If you’re more of a triangle shape, balancing a slimmer top half with wider hips, look for a style that pulls in at the waist. Make sure you’ve got a good belt because you want your jeans to accentuate your waist and create a line smooth curve from your hips up. Slim leg and boyfriend style jeans paired with a tighter fitting top or a tucked in cami will accentuate your shape while slimming your waist.


Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert