Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween is fast-approaching with only two days left to go, and we’re very excited over here at The Hut. Some of you may have been planning the perfect costume since 1st November 2014. However, if some of you have left it a bit last minute, that’s okay. We’ve got you covered with some easy Halloween costume ideas which are actually very inventive and effective. We all seem to fall back on the ‘fake blood and slightly ripped clothes’ zombie look when it gets tight for time, but this isn’t your only last minute choice.

We’ve found two easy Halloween costume ideas for you to try out this year which we absolutely love. Why not try the greyscale look or the pop art look this year and impress all of your friends and other Halloween party-goers with your creative, unique costume (they don’t have to know it was actually very quick and simple to pull together).

greyscale halloween costume idea

Greyscale Halloween Costume Idea (Image via Babble)

Step into the past with this effective, vintage greyscale look. This costume idea has a real air of elegance.

greyscale halloween costume idea

Greyscale Halloween Costume Idea (Image via Babble)

You’ll create a striking contrast with your colourful 21st century surroundings.

greyscale halloween costume idea makeup

Greyscale Halloween Custume Idea Makeup (Image via Babble)

All you need to pull this costume together is some black or grey colour hairspray, grey facepaint, and black and white clothes. If those clothes happen to have a vintage look as well, then even better!

greyscale halloween costume idea

Greyscale Halloween Costume Idea

It looks great, doesn’t it?

pop art halloween costume idea

Pop Art Halloween Costume Idea (Image via ohmz)

This pop art look requires some artistic skill and a steady hand for those dots, but all you’ll need is some black or yellow colour hairspray, facepaint and a thin brush to paint on your Roy Lichtenstein comic book-style outlines.

halloween pop art (comics alliance)

Pop Art Halloween Costume Idea (Image via Comics Alliance)

This look creates a really striking, unique effect. It’s not your average last minute ‘zombie’ costume.

pop art halloween costume idea for men

Pop Art Halloween Costume Idea For Men

Your outfit doesn’t have to be covered in polka dots, as long as it’s in block colours. Although, the face is the most important aspect of the costume so as long as you get that right, the outfit doesn’t matter so much.

pop art halloween costume idea

Pop Art Halloween Costume Idea (Image via Buzzfeed)

Add a classic Roy Lichtenstein comic book speech or thought bubble for extra points!

We hope this gave you some last minute inspiration for easy Halloween costume ideas you can throw together for the weekend, whether you’re heading out Trick-or-Treating or have Halloween parties lined up. Feel free to try these ideas out for yourself. Happy Halloween!

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