Designer Brand Top Picks For Student Loan Day

Managing your social life, living costs and an updated wardrobe is hard as a student, there’s no doubt about it. That’s why you need to make sure what you buy has a long lifespan. You’re not going to go off it, that it’s good enough quality to last and that it will remain on-trend. 

That said, we took a look at designer brands and trending styles that are in our student discount offer. From Tommy Hilfiger loungewear pieces to chill out in or wear with a blazer to the innovative speakers, from Kreafunk essential for hall parties. With 44% of students shopping online we want to make sure this is an easy shopping list, covering all the bases. 

Let’s start with the wish-list worthy everyday clothing from Tommy Hilfiger, Les Boys Les Girls and Champion and more… 

designer brands student discount


The edit includes comfortable, versatile, all year round wardrobe pieces. If you’re in need of some inspiration, take a look at our socials for all things styled.

Looking for your next gym set? Find the new Calvin Klein and Tommy Sport to suit your needs, depending on your sport whether you’re looking for outdoor gear or high-performance sets, there is something for all needs while maintaining style status.

Tommy Sport


Always essential for heading to and fro from college or uni, overnight trips and getting around campus – Rucksacks, sports bags, holdalls – we have a huge range to match your style. You can pick up the new latest Eastpak, Valentino, Vans and Hershal Supply Co. bags in our student offer to see you through the term.  



One thing all students care about is footwear, the latest styles from the must-have brands. Find your latest pair for summer in the offer from Converse, Dr Marten, Birkenstock and more. 

Designer Student Brands



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Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

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