The Rise of Athleisure | Four of the Top Brands

Ticking both the comfort and style box, the athleisure trend has sky rocketed in popularity over the past few years. It’s taking up more and more space in our wardrobes and is being featured more heavily on the runways.  More than something to just wear to the supermarket or to walk your dog in, the trend syncs urban style with functionality; a winning combination designed to suit the modern day millennial’s schedule.

 If you’re looking for that off duty style or simply for some guidance on how to wear athleisure clothing look no further.

Champion Hoodie


Since the Kardashian and Beckham family put Kappa back on the sportswear map, the brand has started to see an influx of influencers and celebs alike donning Kappa athleisurewear. Born over a decade ago, the Italian sportswear specialist favours bold colours and 90’s inspired details, take a look at our top picks.


Another brand taking a revival of the 90’s seriously is Champion. The American athleisure brand originated as high quality sweatshirts and sweatpants designer for University sports teams in New York. Fast forward almost 100 years and the signature Champion ‘C’ is instantly recognisable across the globe. Bold in colours and simple in design, each piece from the Champion collection is easily paired together for effortless street style. Here’s what you should be wearing from the collection.

The Favoured Millennial Combo: Athleisure for Men


The Favoured Millennial Combo: Athleisure for Men

Athleisure has become a winner – providing a stylish yet relaxed feel, but meeting the requests of a generation wanting clothing for both gym-wear and office-wear. Shop our favourite Athleisure brands at The Hut!

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Known for their signature chunkiness, Sketchers has been on the athleisure scene for over two decades. With both performance and fashion trainers available, the brand caters for all with their custom Californian style. As an original player in the 90’s and 00’s chunky trainer trend, Sketchers has experienced a revival as luxury brands like Balenciaga and Chanel continue to put chunky trainers on the runways of fashion month. Take your pick!

CK Performance

An iconic brand in its own right, Calvin Klein’s range of athleisure wear in their CK Performance collection seamlessly syncs together fashion and functionality. Simple in design and made from high quality performance fabrics, each piece is a great gym partner as well as being super on trend.



Words by Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

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