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Wood Wood Buyer’s Guide | Double A Collection & Size Guide

Wood Wood is a contemporary fashion and lifestyle brand that was founded by Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brain SS Jenson in 2002. Balancing style and functionality in the classic scandi style, the brand combines fashion, sports and streetwear youth culture with art and music. Here’s your complete guide to Wood Wood clothing…

How was Wood Wood started?

Off the back of a trip to New York in the very early 2000’s the duo were inspired by the stores that combined magazines and clothing. This combination of clothing, toys, music and culture in one store had not yet been done in Copenhagen, so in 2002 they launched Wood Wood.

Wood Wood


They had their own T-shirt brand that they sold alongside the store, originally starting with white tee’s and adding graphics. Olsens’s girlfriend and fellow designer got involved and they managed to secure some larger brands such as Comme Des Garcons. In 2006 the brand landed their biggest collaboration with Adidas which allowed them to gain some great international PR.

Music, art, skateboarding and graffiti have always played a big part in shaping the brand as it has evolved into a multifaceted offering. Their seasonal collections follow fashion trends but encapture the scandi sensibility mixing style and functionality with print, pattern and interesting fabrics.

Wood Wood Collaborations

Throughout the years, they have collaborated with brands such as Nike, LEGO, Barbour, Fila and Adidas. These were some of our recent favourites…

The Wood Wood x Fila collaboration was inspired by ’70s tennis. The range featured minimalist styles with subtle details referencing the heritage sport. The collection included apparel pieces designed for both leisure and tennis challenges, but also sneakers and accessories made with breathable cotton, worsted sweatshirt and merino wool for maximum comfort.

Another great collaboration was for their 15th anniversary, they teamed up with heritage British brand Barbour for an outerwear-focused collection. The range featured a corduroy-accented wax jacket alongside colourful waterproof coats and a range of graphic tees, trackies, hats, scarves and beanies.

Wood Wood Double-A

Wood Wood Double A


The Double-A collection which is stocked at The Hut is the basics and essentials collection which mainly consists of staple shapes in primary colours. The Double-A range is also the Wood Wood CSR flagship and all garments are manufactured in Europe reducing transport. All of their jerseys and fleece’s are made from 100% organic cotton and everything has been tested for harmful substances.

Wood Wood Size Guide

If you are looking to add some Wood Wood to your wardrobe, use our size guide to help…

Europe 40 42 44 48/50 52/54 56 58
UK 30 32 34/36 38/40 42/44 46 48
US 30 32 34/36 38/40 42/44 46 48
Japan 32 34/36 38/40 40/42 44/46 48 50


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