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The Ultimate Gym Bag Essentials

We tend to overestimate the amount we can achieve in the New Year, setting ourselves unrealistic targets that consequently, encourage us to quit. Whether it is losing weight, saving money or eating healthier, these goals need to be set with depth and structure.

Try setting weekly targets and milestones rather than just looking at the overall picture. Or setting yourself deadlines at significant times of the year that you want to accomplish things by… these smaller goals will not only get you through the year ahead, in line with your resolution but also keep you motivated all year round. If you’re particularly struggling to energise yourself whilst the weather is cooler, simply read here to find out how to motivate yourself to exercise during winter…

To help with your fitness-related resolutions, The Hut has compiled a gym bag checklist to help you pick up what you need to take to the gym including the hottest gear and gym motivating essentials…


The Gear

Look the part as you step into the gym this January with the latest activewear updates from Adidas, Asics and Superdry.

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The Equipment

Whether you looking to do some extra home workouts or simply own your own kit, check out our workout equipment at The Hut


The Accessories

Sip in style with the Brita Filtered Water Bottle and maintain your hydration levels throughout your workout. Shop accessories at The Hut to ensure you have all the extras that make getting up for the gym a little easier …

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The Essentials

Usually, it is the most obvious of things that we forget. And if not, it’s the useful stuff. Our tip: get spares and leave them in your gym bag…


The After Care

Looking after your body post workout is just an important as the exercise itself. Remember to stretch and let your muscles relax. To replace a nice hot soak for muscle repair, The Hut suggests using anti-fatigue products such as scented body washes, supplements and cooling mists…

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How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise During Winter


How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise During Winter

To encourage you over the coming months, The Hut have put together a six step guide of actions you can take to ensure your winter fitness and gym motivation isn’t lost...

2018-11-01 11:01:50By Olivia Seed

By Olivia Seed

Olivia Seed

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