A Guide to Chinese New Year

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When is Chinese New Year in 2019?

Chinese New Year falls on Tuesday 5th February. In the traditional Chinese Lunar Calendar, this will be the 1st of January.


For many, the biggest celebration will be held in the evening of the 4th February, which is the eve of Chinese New Year, with a big meal and festivities.


What animal will represent the year of 2019?

2019 will be the Year of the Pig.

2018 was the Year of the Dog.


What is Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year, otherwise referred to as Spring Festival marks the celebration of the beginning of a new year in the lunar calendar.


How is Chinese New Year usually celebrated?

Chinese New Year, traditionally was celebrated by family and friends getting together over delicious food on Chinese New Year’s Eve. Nowadays this still happens, only they tend to have dinner together and then watch CCTV New Year’s Gala, playing mah-jong (Chinese game) and cards.


How to say ‘Happy New Year in Chinese’

‘Xin Nian Kuai Le’ means Happy New Year in Chinese.


‘Shin-nien-cwy-le’ is the phonetical pronunciation.

What are the Chinese New Year traditions?

  1. To have a Spring Festival Dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve: family dinner, normally the entire family will come together to celebrate over a meal.
  2. To give and receive a Red Envelope: families give cash in red envelopes; how much depends on each family. They are usually given out by married couples or those in the family who are working, to younger, single, non-working members of the family. Usually, this is the elder generation, giving to the younger. The red envelope generally contains brand new notes of cash and the amount of money usually ends with an even digit; in accordance to Chinese belief that odd numbers are associated with funerals.  Thereby the red envelope signifies good luck in accordance with the belief that ‘good things come in pairs’ and is a symbol to ward off evil spirits.
  3. Light firecrackers: Traditionally for the occasion, firecrackers would be lit during the celebration. It is now less common in China due to the government ban in order to discourage environmental pollution.
  4. Write antithetical couplets: As a  New Year decoration, an antithetical couplet expresses happiness and hopeful thoughts for the coming year. It is intended that you write what you wish for during the new year including good fortune, blessings, safety, happiness, family and more. They are then hung above a door or passage entrance.

When does Chinese New Year end?

Normally the celebration will last for 14 days until the 15th of January in the traditional Chinese Lunar calendar. The 15th day marks the Lantern Festival which celebrates the first full moon of the new year. This will be held on the 19th Feb in 2019. Usually, for the Lantern festival, people will view the lanterns put up in their community, and eat Tangyuan – a Chinese dessert made from rice flour.

Many believe the round shape of the Tangyuan balls, and the bowls in which they are served, symbolise the togetherness of family, and that eating them will bring the family happiness and good luck and fortune for the new year ahead.


What does the colour red symbolise in Chinese culture?

Red is a commonly used colour in China, especially around the celebration of the New Year. It is used for the following reasons:

  • A symbol of good luck
  • It is a colour of happiness
  • Said to represent the sun, blood and fire of which will ward off bad fortune
  • Wards off evil spirits


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