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Making your uni room your own can make all the difference, it makes you feel at home away from home. Creating a nice space for yourself will not only make you feel more comfortable but will ease your parent’s nerves knowing you have a room that feels your own.

Here’s our super easy, quick quiz to see what uni room style you are, making it easy to pick out the pieces you want, to bring your style together.

Uni Room Colour Swatches

Picking a colour scheme always sets off what style you are going to adopt for your space. Often influenced by mood and personal style, colour is always a good way to make your uni room your own.

Uni Room Bedding

One of the most important parts of your uni room… picking your bedding. Key tip: when buying uni room bedding opting for patterned sheets or coloured duvet sets helps bring colour to your uni room and also helps hide any drink spillages, fake tan accidents and other wear and tear.

Soft furnishing such as rugs, pillows and throws are an easy way to make your uni room stylish and homely. They also come in handy when you have any friends staying over or it gets cold in your uni room.

Uni Room Accessories

Candles, diffusers, plants and other accessories help bring colour and personal touch to your uni room. They don’t have to cost much but they can make sure a difference to your space.

Uni Room Tech

As a student, your tech is your lifeline. Whether you are needing some headphones for walking to lectures or playing music for your flat party these are essential.

Uni Room Stationary

Lastly picking your stationary, as a student you will need a trusty pencil case and diary but it doesn’t have to be boring. You can pick from a large selection of well-being books, coffee table books, diaries and pencil cases to match your style and uni room.

Depending on which letter you picked the most, find out what uni room style you are:


Arty Uni Room

You are aware of trends but you love to take your own twist. You like shopping from independent brands and finding unique labels. You like to accessorise your outfit and aren’t afraid of wearing colour.


The Scandi Room

You enjoy a more casual, minimalist style. You might think about sustainability and don’t follow fast fashion trends. You like your space to be light and fresh and tend to stick to one colour palette.


Boho Uni Room Style

You love a unique find, something that not everyone else has. You have your own style and set your own trends. Enjoy florals and earthy tones and like to take inspiration from different things around you.


The Urban Uni Room

You are clean-cut, and your style is never over-complicated. When styling your space you like a more monochrome colour palette with natural materials such as wood and metal. Your wardrobe is full of well thought out pieces but you also can live in a gym kit.


Eclectic Uni Room Style

You take inspiration from previous era’s, music and film. You take elements from different things around you when styling yourself and your spaces. You like graphics, retro vibes, cool accessories and have an eye for niche styles.  


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