Student Checklist for University

Whether you’re heading off for your first year at university or your final year, make sure you have everything you need with our student checklist! From the bare essentials to those little extras, make your new halls a home with everything you’ll need here at The Hut.

Bedroom Essentials

Student Checklist 2

Shop our full range of student bedroom essentials at The Hut.


Kitchen Essentials

Student Checklist 3

Shop our full range of student kitchen essentials at The Hut.


Technology & Electricals

Student Checklist 4

Shop our full range of technology and electricals at The Hut.


The Finishing Touches

Student Checklist 6

Shop our full range of finishing touches for your student house at The Hut.


Utility Room Essentials

Student Checklist 9

Shop our full range of utility room essentials at The Hut.


Study Essentials

Student Checklist 5


Bathroom Essentials

Student Checklist 7

Shop the full bathroom range on The Hut

Fun & Games

Student Checklist 8

Shop our full range of University Essentials at The Hut and find everything you’ll need to complete our student checklist for heading off to university.

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