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Five Reasons Why Filtered Water is the Key to a Healthier Lifestyle

Sarah Atkinson
Writer and expert7 years ago
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Why filtered water should be a vital part of your healthy daily diet.

It has become something of a tradition for us to be washed over with a wave of new hacks on how to become super healthy in no time at all as we enter a new year. From the latest superfoods to the exercise regime that will give you more energy and a six-pack in a matter of weeks, we often usher in the start of the year by scrolling through myriad articles in search of self-improvement and better health. In doing so, we regularly overlook the simple truth that should be your first step to a healthier lifestyle: filtered water is really quite good for you.

After all, human beings are made up of 65% water. And our brains? 90% water. Despite how fundamental water is to the human body, we nevertheless often decide to hydrate our system with with plain old tap water. Easy and convenient it may be, but most tap water is contaminated with a host of pollutants that put you in danger of serious health problems on a daily basis. It makes sense then that by simply fuelling your body with fresh, clean, filtered water should make you look and feel better. We take a look at five reasons why you the best health resolution you can make this year is to invest in filtered water at home and in the office.

#1 | Natural Cleansing

When it comes to our bodies and well-being, water has many wonderful properties. You will have often heard how important it is to drink regularly, as water allows our bodies to utilise foodstuffs and flush out toxins. It stimulates the circulation and helps towards a radiant complexion.

Without water flowing through our bodies to wash away waste and toxins, we would quite literally drown in our own poisonous metabolic waste. Having a constant stream of fresh, clean water allows you to rid your body of toxins and waste more efficiently and effectively, leading to a host of health benefits ranging from boosted energy levels and a stronger immune system and better breath and clearer thinking.

#2 | Improved Complexion

Your skin is made up of 64% water. If the water you use to fuel your body contains nasty chemicals, your body has to work harder to eject these chemicals—often through your skin. Improving the quality of your water (as well as the regularity with which you intake your fluids) not only delivers more essential minerals to your body, but also unlocks a range of benefits to your skin including:

  • Optimum skin moisture
  • Less oily skin
  • Replenished skin tissue with increased elasticity
  • Improved hydration gives enhanced skin complexion
  • Combats skin disorders such as psoriasis, wrinkles and eczema

#3 | Improved Taste

Chlorine—the pongy chemical used to disinfect your local swilling pool—is also used to disinfect your drinking water. Alongside chlorine, tap water can also include a number of pollutants ranging from aluminium to fluoride.

A decent carbon filter reduces the presence of chlorine in your water by 99% and will help rid your water of most other unwanted pollutants too to give cleaner, healthier, and better tasting water. The BRITAwater filter reduces taste- and smell-impairing substances and limescale. Furthermore, it reduces metals such as lead and copper that maybe present in your water due to domestic plumbing. Incidentally, it isn't just families who appreciate the taste of BRITA filtered water—professional chefs also rely on BRITA.

#4 | Sustainability

Contributing towards saving the environment with sustainable methods is vital for companies across the globe in the 21st century. Sustainability is even more crucial to water production, with increased global waste contributing to lowering the quality of the water we have access to.

Companies such as BRITA are helping fight against this with completely sustainable means of producing clean, healthy water. All parts of BRITA filter cartridges can be completely reprocessed and recycled, with over 889 tonnes of BRITA cartridges recycled each year and almost 55,000kg of harmful CO2 gas saved so far.

#5 | Water gets you into Shape

Do away with so-called miracle products and hacks; if you are looking to slim your physique, start with water. Not only does drinking more water improve the rate of your metabolism, but the body also often confuses thirst for hunger meaning that we regularly eat more food when our body isn’t actually hungry. An old trick is to drink a glass of water before meals so that your stomach feels full quickly, and a glass of water between meals also restricts your appetite for calorie-rich snacks.


Sarah Atkinson
Writer and expert
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