6 Must-have Home Storage Solutions

When a new year arises, simultaneously the desire to organise your household grows. The chaos of clutter and feeling unorganised can quickly turn our home into a stress-inducing space, which is where the usefulness of home storage solutions comes into play.

We explore the art of home storage solutions, providing you with 6 must-have creative ideas to declutter your living spaces. 

Home Storage Solutions


Shelving and Hooks

Home Storage Solutons


Maximising vertical space is essential for efficient storage. Explore the creative uses of shelves and hooks to organise items and create additional storage in your living spaces. We love the Umbra Bellwood wall shelf, its unique pill-shaped design and versatility means it can be used in a variety of spaces.

Hidden Storage

Home Storage Solutions


Choose furniture pieces that provide hidden storage in unexpected ways to maximise small spaces. For instance, the Bloomingville bamboo bench is the perfect example of hidden storage, where you can store your children’s toys and have additional seating in a playroom or nursery.

Decorative Crates

Home Storage Solutions


Aesthetic storage solutions add a touch of style to your home. This is why these HAY coloured crates allow you to incorporate decorative storage pieces into your living space while also providing functional storage. 

Vertical Storage

Home Storage Solutions


Utilising vertical space in your rooms, like behind-the-door storage, is a great storage solution for small spaces. Whether you use them to store hand towels in your bathroom or important documents in your office, this makes storing small items easier.

Food Storage

Home Storage Solutions


Add incremental storage to your kitchen cupboards to help store and organise your food, whether that be a Joseph Joseph container or a Zwilling food vacuum box.

Jewellery & Cosmetics Storage

Home Storage Solutions


Small items, like jewellery and makeup, can become a struggle to store even in larger spaces. Each varying in size, an organiser with a range of differently sized and shaped compartments is the best storage solution. Opt for a Stackers jewellery box to add decor to your chest of drawers or the Umbra Cascada cosmetic organiser for the perfect dressing table storage. 


By Mae-Lei King

Hannah Needham

Hannah Needham

Writer and expert