7 Ways To Introduce Pattern Into Your Home

Decorating your home can become all-consuming. With the pressure of colour schemes, furniture, curtains and other small complimentary pieces, plain block colour can seem an easy and obtainable alternative. The neutral plain shades are an easy cop out; often made under the assumption that plain or no detailing at all will compliment a broader range of other soft furnishings. Who doesn’t want options?

So if pattern has never been a part of your decoration process before, The Hut’s Buyers have put together a list of their top 7 pattern hacks for maximising your decorative potential, helping you achieve that home-proud feeling we all  yearn for.

1. Start small and accessorise

Introducing pattern into your home doesn’t mean you need to re-wallpaper your walls or buy a new sofa. Often, the small additions can make the bigger difference. Whether it be cushions or throws, patterns add a pop of animation to your room especially when surrounded by subtle, less distracting furniture.


2. Keep it simple

Thinking even smaller, simplicity can come in many forms. Patterns don’t have to be bold in order to energise your space. Delicate prints can bring warmth to a room without being a distraction. Simple yet elegant patterns incorporating varying shades can develop strength and impact depending upon quantity and placement. Try layering simple patterns to achieve a deeper effect in the form of accessories such as accent cushions, complimentary throws and vases.

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3. With colour there is vibrancy

For the braver home decorator, colour can bring life to the room. One of the greatest elements of choosing patterns is the range of bold colours to choose from, which can often work well with a neutral coloured wall or space.  In the case of a kitchen, the simple patterns designed on plates and utensils can energise the dinner table which could otherwise be a bland and colourless mealtime. Far too often pastels are picked over the ‘out there’ colours because of the safety they provide – be brave and be bold.


4. Duplicate and replicate

Orla Kiely is a perfect example of how pattern replication can work to spruce up your home. From simple features like place mats and storage boxes, to duvet covers and curtains, the range embeds the pattern throughout. Consequently, allowing for consistency in pattern, applied by different vibrant tones. A more than suitable purchase for the new or apprehensive pattern user.

5. Creativity is key

Compatible patterns can be useful for pulling a room together and giving it an overall welcoming feel. Creativity here is key. For example, creating a focal point amongst busy patterns can relax noisy contrasts which can often be distracting. Feature walls and expressive wall art can also be constructive for displaying patterns and can become an eye catching element within a room or setting.



6. Make patterns a feature

Patterns bring texture, and with texture comes ambience. Utilise your walls, furniture and lighting to create a room with drama and subtle noise through the accessories you decorate with. For example, a simple light feature or bedding can uplift and rejuvenate a room, transforming the impression and character.

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7. Stick to your palette

Choosing a palette can be hard, but sticking to it can be even harder – especially when there is so much choice. A hard part of incorporating patterns into your readily established home is finding options that don’t clash. So firstly, look for the colours that will work best and use that palette to find complimentary patterns and designs. One idea in the simplest form: bring together coloured patterns with white or any base colour – with this combination you can’t go wrong.



As a final note, the simplest of fragrances and candles accentuate and extend your palette to its full potential. Throws and cushions are also great ways to subtly introduce gentle patterns providing texture to your sofa and chairs.

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By Olivia Seed

Olivia Seed

Olivia Seed


A minimalist fashion fan with high interests in the odd print or check. Constantly trying to make my home look like a catalogue; you can find me shopping for cute bedding, candles and other Instagrammable interior accessories.