The Secret Benefits of Green Tea Extract

The benefits of green tea: a cup of green tea with tea leaves on the saucer.

Green tea has been used by the Chinese for the past 4,000 years to treat a number of medical conditions. Most recently, it has been used to fight flus, colds, obstructive sleep apnea, strengthen the immune system and lose weight. This means that there are real benefits of green tea today.

Yes, lose weight. Green tea extract happens to have a powerful thermogenic effect in the body. This means that consuming green tea increases the body’s energy expenditure, making it to burn more calories as well as body fat.

A cup of green tea.

The Secret Benefits of Green Tea

So what’s the secret behind green tea’s fat burning properties? The answer lies in Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), a catechin found in green tea. Besides its amazing antioxidant properties that help to protect cells, EGCG decreases subcutaneous adipose tissue, which is the fat hiding underneath your skin.

Additionally, green tea extract can also help you to reduce your belly fat. There’s more to belly fat than just its lack of aesthetic appeal. Excessive belly fat tends to lodge around vital organs and can trigger inflammation processes which, in turn, can lead to chronic diseases. In layman’s terms, carrying too much abdominal body fat can increase your risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

According to research published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2010, consuming green tea extract can increase fat burning up to 2 hours after eating a meal. The researchers explained that green tea extract was shown to have the same effect as 200 mg of caffeine.


Warnings & Recommendations

Due to green tea’s theine content (a stimulant as strong as caffeine), people with high blood pressure should consume it in moderation. This is because too many stimulants may contribute to an increase in blood pressure.

Also keep in mind that you should never boil water with the green tea sachet inside it so that you can avoid losing its beneficial properties. Try to consume your tea up to 15 minutes after preparing it and sweeten it with honey or a little bit of fructose.

Its effects can be enhanced when taken together with ginseng, ginkgo biloba or lime.



Green tea is one of the best natural solutions for losing weight and especially belly fat. As we have seen, excessive abdominal fat increases the risk of developing severe medical conditions. Green tea’s catechins and stimulants boost metabolism, making you spend more energy in your daily activities which, in turn, can contribute to losing weight.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget that exercise is still to be the best way to lose fat and to keep you in shape.

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