The Hut Holiday Guide | Shortest Flights to the Hottest Places

It may be summer, but there’s a distinct lack of sunshine here in England. It’s got us craving a holiday, but searching for the perfect package can be tricky – with so many amazing places to visit, where should we choose?

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If you’re looking for the perfect holiday destination this summer, we’re on hand to help. We know that a summer holiday needs to be relaxing, which is why minimising travel time is crucial –there’s no need to fly to the other end of the world for a little bit of sunshine!

Whether you’re a nervous flier, don’t want to travel far or have limited time to spare, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite short-haul destinations from the UK – guaranteeing sandy beaches, clear blue skies and gorgeous warm weather. Our selection of the shortest flights to the hottest places are all around three hours away, meaning you’ll be sunning yourself by the pool in no time…


Flight time: 2 hours 50 minutes from London to Malaga airport.

Average August temperature: Lows of 19°C, with highs of 29°C.

Marbella Puerto Banus Short Flight Holidays

Why we love it: Located on the coast of Southern Spain, Marbella is one of the hottest up-and-coming destinations in Europe. Boasting over 25km of sandy beaches, a breath-taking backdrop of the majestic Sierra Blanca mountains and a luxurious marina at Puerto Banús, Marbella is the perfect combination of relaxation and luxury – visit the iconic ‘Golden Mile’ for a cocktail or two, sunbathe on board a docked yacht, or indulge in a little retail therapy in a designer boutique.


Flight time: 2 hours exactly from London to Nice airport.

Average August temperature: Highs can reach 27°C, with lows of 20°C.

Nice Short Flight Holidays

Why we love it: Nice is located on the Côte d’Azur, flanked by the aptly-named Bay of Angels. With heavenly views across the sea-front and the Promenade du Paillon winding down to the beach, Nice is truly beautiful. There’s a plethora of high-end bars and restaurants available, where you can sample some delicious French cuisine – don’t forget to try the eponymous salade Niçoise – the old town to explore, flower markets to drool over and mountains to hike – something for everyone!


Flight time: Just over 3 hours 30 from London airports, heading into Greece.

Average August temperature: Highs of 32°C, with average temperatures roughly around 27°C.

Agistri Short Flight Holidays

Why we love it: A short ferry ride from Athens, Agistri island is surrounded by sparkling seas and sublime views as far as the eye can see. One of the smallest Greek islands, Agistri is the ultimate relaxation spot –  with quiet beaches, white-washed buildings and authentic Greek tavernas, this hidden gem is a must for any traveler who wants to venture off the beaten track.


Flight time: 2 hours 40 minutes from London Gatwick to Algeria airport.

Average August temperature: Temperatures in Algiers can reach a whopping 32°C, with lows of 20°C.

Algiers Short Flight Holidays

Why we love it: The capital of Algeria, Algiers has been given the nickname Alger la Blanche – Algiers the White – due to the gleaming white city buildings towering over the crystal-clear sea. With hot, dry summers that have reached record highs over 40°C, Algiers is ideal for sun-worshippers who don’t want to travel far. Visit the Jardin d’Essai du Hamma and the Ketchaoua Mosque to soak up the culture, or unwind on the blissful beaches overlooking the Mediterranean – you’ll never want to come home.



Flight time: 2 hours and 45 minutes direct to Lisbon airport.

Average August temperature: Lisbon boasts highs of 28°C, and balmy lows at 19°C.

Lisbon Short Flight Holidays

Why we love it: A stunning coastal city, Lisbon is the pastel-coloured capital of Portugal. Hilly terrain provides the perfect environment to hike, cycle or simply take in the scenery; there are beaches nearby for those wanting to relax, museums displaying the history of the city for the explorers, and cafes and bars dotted around the streets to help you unwind and embrace the ‘Lisbon cafe culture’.


Flight time: 2 hours 20 minutes from London to Palma airport.

Average August temperature: Temperatures can reach to 30°C, dropping only to 19°C.


Why we love it: With 12 hours of sunshine a day in the summertime, the capital city of Mallorca is nestled on the southern coast, overlooking the sparkling seas of the Mediterranean. Known for the iconic Old Quarter, with quirky stores, cobbled, winding streets and beautiful buildings, the Gothic cathedral a stone’s throw from the seafront, and the medieval Bellver Castle which sits on a hilltop west of the city, Palma is place full of intrigue and architecture.



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