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Leading Women’s Denim Brands

Hannah Needham
Writer and expert7 months ago
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Denim is a timeless fabric that has been a wardrobe staple for generations. Whilst it has become more than just a staple pair of jeans, this has evolved to jumpsuits, waistcoats and skirts. This is because this type of material can provide both comfort and style and investing in quality denim is always a wise choice.

We've teamed up with our womenswear buyers to discuss some of the best women's denim brands that are worth your investment.

Best Denim Brands - Franki Dammone

Denim Brands 

Good American 

Representing all things body positivity for the modern woman, Good American launched in October 2016 with founders Emma Grede and Khloe Kardashian. The brand was launched to empower women of all sizes by offering premium women's denim categories.Offering a variety of denim jean styles and other denim fits such as their Fit For Success Stretch-denim jumpsuit or their crop denim shirt. Good American provides the ability to wear denim no matter what curves or size you are, with their range offering sizes from 00 to 32 Plus and every piece in their collection is modelled by three size ranges.
Best Denim Brands - Good American

Seventy + Mochi 

If you’re looking for sustainable denim, invest in Seventy + Mochi. Created in 2020, Seventy + Mochi is a female-led women's denim brand which uses denim made with recycled materials and circular production methods. They also use recycled cotton from their cotton recycling plant in each piece and carefully blend it with a mix of organic cotton, eco-made elastane and hemp.Our collection features blouses, jumpsuits, jackets and jeans, but a key piece we love from Seventy + Mochi is the Pablo denim jacket. This has a flattering frill collar with balloon sleeves and pocket detailing at the front of the jacket. The perfect transitional piece this season to add to your wardrobe.
Best Denim Brands - Seventy and Mochi

Tommy Jeans 

A sub-brand of the iconic Tommy Hilfiger brand, Tommy Jeans was introduced in 1985 with a focus on creating casual apparel with denim being the core brand identity. Whilst it can be easily recognised with the flag logo, with red and white stripes and a blue rectangle with stars.

Covering every clothing category in their men’s and women’s denim collections, we love Tommy Jeans most retro designs which expand outside their core jeans range, including their Betsy denim cargo trousers for the streetwear look. As well as the denim pinafore dress, which can be paired with the matching logo t-shirt with tights and boots for the perfect autumnal look. 

Best Denim Brands - Tommy Jeans

Calvin Klein Jeans 

A diffusion line from Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans focussed on specifically men's and women's denim and casual wear, echoing a sporty aesthetic to their collection. Calvin Klein Jeans is renowned for its minimalist and modern approach to design. The brand has a strong association with celebrity culture, as many famous faces have endorsed and worn Calvin Klein Jeans, contributing to its popularity and influence.Over the years, Calvin Klein Jeans has been known for introducing innovative denim styles and fits. This has contributed to the evolution of denim fashion.
Best Denim Brands

Never Fully Dressed 

Known for its bold and eclectic designs, incorporating vibrant prints, patterns, and colours into its clothing. Never Fully Dressed was founded in 2009 by Lucy Aylen, with the aim for women to be able to add easy-to-wear pieces that could be dressed up or down.Although Never Fully Dressed isn’t strictly a denim brand, they have added many women's denim pieces to its collection this season which will elevate your autumn/winter wardrobe, such as the Distressed Sequined Denim Vest, which is detailed with metallic silver threads and sequins and comes with the matching skirt for the ultimate embellished look.
Best Denim Brands - Never Fully Dressed

Sister Jane 

Incorporate print and colour into your wardrobe with the Sister Jane collection. An elevated London label founded in 2009, Sister Jane produces limited-edition gems which carry a retro aesthetic with every piece they create, taking elements of Victorian, bohemian, and 60’s-insired fashion.

Added to their latest collection, we’re obsessed with their Daisy line which consists of the Daisy Denim Pearl shirt, the Daisy Denim midi skirt and the Daisy Denim mini dress. Pieces which can be worn together or worn as separates. 

Best Denim Brands - Sister Jane

Written by Mae-Lei King

Hannah Needham
Writer and expert
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