Haglöfs: A Guide to Fabrics & Technologies

Born in humble surroundings over 100 years ago on the banks of Sweden’s Lake Runn, Haglöfs is today recognised as an industry leader in technical outdoor clothing. To this day, Haglöfs continues its tradition of innovating in its technologies to add exciting new pieces to its archive with each passing season. With many of its products today being extremely advanced in its fabrics and designs, The Hut offers a guide to take you through the technologies and fabrics of this season’s Haglöfs collection.


Haglöfs PROOF™ECO and PROOF™ fabrics make up a range of carefully selected wind and waterproof materials that add a bit of “extra”for you; in terms of lower environmental impact and/or high stretch.

PROOF™ ECO fabrics are durable, recycled and/or bluesign® approved as well as completely windproof, waterproof and breathable. To further protect you from the forces of nature, the face fabric has been treated with a lower impact DWR to shed water and repel dirt. PROOF™ECO fabrics deliver balanced performance, a lower impact on the environment and good wearer comfort throughout the day.

PROOF™ fabrics are a selection of woven fabrics with stretch and with a lower impact DWR-treated face, combined with wind and waterproof membranes or coatings, which at the same time offer a good level of breathability. With a PROOF™ garment you are equipped to meet the any element.

Performance characteristics for each version of PROOF™ fabrics used in our collection are given within the information for each specific style.



Our most heavy duty Climatic fabric, designed and tested for prolonged use in tough environments. This tightly woven, extremely durable and rugged polyamide fabric has an inherent wind resistance and weather protection due to its construction; yet is still flexible due to its weft stretch. This material features a cotton-like touch with a matte optic, poplin weave structure, iron-free care and quick drying time. The surface has been treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) that is free from perfluorinated chemicals (PFC free DWR).

Weight: 268g/m2

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A very durable and versatile polyamide material with a soft cotton-touch and good wind resistance, designed for use in a wide range of activities in many different climates. The fabric is comfortable, flexible and keeps its shape well thanks to the added weft stretch in the fabric. Further, this material features a dull optic, plain weave structure, iron-free care and quick dry-time. The surface has been treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) that is free from perfluorinated chemicals (PFC free DWR).

Weight: 173 g/m2


This cotton/polyester blended material combines the best of organic cotton with the advantages of a recycled polyester; the softness, good moisture management and natural feel from the cotton is enhanced by increased durability, wicking ability and short drying time of the polyester. The result is a durable, versatile and comfortable material that is suitable for varying activities in environments from snow capped mountains to the depths of the humid rainforest. The Climatic Mid Blend material has a light peaching on the face to provide an even softer handfeel and comfort; as well as a light cire on the back to improve weather protection. The surface has been treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) that is free from perfluorinated chemicals (PFC free DWR).

Weight: 184 g/m2 UPF: >40


Our lightest, yet surprisingly durable, Climatic material features a supple polyamide with warp stretch for a great range of movement and comfort. Designed with packability and use in hot and humid environments in mind, it still does a great job during adventures in cooler environments with its moderate wind resistance. The Climatic Lite fabric has a soft, matte, cotton-touch face in a plain weave, iron-free care and quick dry-time. The surface has been treated with a wicking treatment for excellent moisture management.

Weight: 100 g/m2


GORE-TEX® fabrics consistently deliver a balance of waterproofness, breathability and long-lasting performance. All shell garments made from Gore-Tex materials are rigorously tested to ensure that they will live up to the ‘Guaranteed to keep you dry’ promise. GORE-TEX® features 2-, 2.5- and 3-layer constructions with different types of face and backer fabrics.

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GORE-TEX® 2-layer

The 2-layer constructions comprise different types of face fabrics in different weights, appearances, degrees of durability and an GORE-TEX® membrane.


GORE-TEX® PACLITE® : 2.5-layer fabrics feature Gore PACLITE® technology where the membrane of a 2-layer construction is treated with a special carbon containing coating. This makes the usage of lining fabrics unnecessary and garments made from these fabrics turn out very light, durable, wind and waterproof and extremely packable.

GORE-TEX® 3-layer

The 3-layer constructions come in various face and backer combinations, ranging from hardwearing heavy duty items to super light face fabrics combined with the GORE-TEX® membrane and a variety of backer fabrics from warming fleece to light tricot. The latest development in laminate technology within the GORE-TEX® programme is the GORE-TEX® C-KNIT™. Products using fabrics featuring the new C-KNIT™ backer technology promise to be hard wearing, less bulky and softer than ones with a tricot backer as well as retaining excellent breathability.


GORE-TEX@Pro materials have been engineered with the most rugged, breathable, durable as well as completely wind and waterproof fabrics. GORE-TEX® Pro laminates are made from yarns with over 40D and meet the demands of outdoor professionals and serious enthusiasts, who can face extreme weather every day and who demand the ultimate in reliability and performance. To deliver this, garments crafted from GORE-TEX® Pro materials undergo even more rigorous testing to earn the ‘Extreme Wet Weather’ approval.

GORE-TEX® Active

GORE-TEX® Active is a very highly breathable yet completely waterproof technology, being the perfect choice for high pulse activities. These extremely lightweight fabrics provide outstanding breathability, waterproofness and minimal pack size. They are designed to be worn all day without building up internal condensation.


FlexAble™ are woven 4-way/2-way stretch fabrics providing an extremely high level of comfort and flexibility. These fabrics combine excellent vapour permeability with wind resistance and freedom of movement, which makes them ideal for use in garments for physically demanding outdoor activities.

The outside of the fabric is water repellent and the inners are constructed to wick moisture rapidly away from the body.

Many FlexAble™ fabrics are treated with a fluorocarbon free DWR, while some have a wicking treatment. Some FlexAble™ fabrics also have a water resistant or waterproof barrier (see specific styles for more details).


Polartec® Power Stretch Pro®

Flat knit 4-way stretch fleece fabric with smooth, highly durable outer polyamide face and a brushed fleece backer that offers next-to-skin comfort and has built in capiliary action to rapidly wick away moisture keeping the body dry and comfortable. Power Stretch is highly packable, fast drying and offers great warmth to weight ratio. The Polartec® fabrics used by Haglöfs are bluesign® approved.

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Polartec® Thermal Pro®

A warmer fleece range designed to trap air in their various lofted constructions (e.g. high loft, velour or shearling) to deliver excellent warmth to weight ratios. Polyester fibers and the construction of the fabrics used enable the fast wicking of moisture and allow the fabric to dry quickly. All Polartec® Thermal Pro® fabrics used by Haglöfs are bluesign® approved.

Polartec® Alpha®

Polartec® Alpha® insulation is unique due to its high loft, low-density knit construction, which offers a number of advantages in comparison with traditional insulation solutions. Its elaborate knit construction offers extraordinary vapor transport ability and short drying time as well as a low bulkiness and a high level of freedom of movement. Compared to other fiber-fill insulations there will be no clustering, migration or lumping, while it insulates even when wet. Polartec® Alpha® insulation contains 100% bluesign® approved polyester and is 100% recyclable. For exact recycled fiber content and weight information please check fabric information for specific style.



Extremely soft and comfortable, bluesign® approved micro fleece. This fabric has good thermal properties, excellent breathability and experiences minimal pilling thanks to the smooth double velour surface.


Flat-knit 4-way stretch fleece fabric with smooth, highly durable outer face and a brushed fleece grid backer provides higher warmth to weight and next-to-skin comfort. The tight knit construction of the outer face gives better pilling resistance whilst the gradient profile of the inner to outer faces helps wick moisture away from the body.


WINDSTOPPER® outerwear combines durable wind protection and high breathability in garments that keep you warm and comfortable with fewer layers and less bulk. GORE Windstopper materials use a different membrane for the shell fabrics, which is extremely breathable, hence the lower RET values. It is however still 100% windproof and extremely water resistant. The membrane is combined with different face fabrics and backers to deliver differing degrees of stretch, warmth and protection. The details of each specific material that we use can be found on the bullet points for each Windstopper garment.


PERTEX® is a range of high-performance fabrics balancing lightness, strength and performance engineered for use in apparel, sleeping bags and down jackets. Pertex® fabric technology is based on a natural phenomenon called capillary action technology which means that moisture moves through the capillaries between the fibres and spreads over a large surface where it evaporates quickly. Pertex® fabrics also have a high level of wind resistance but allow a precisely controlled amount of airflow through the fabric. This controlled airflow plays an important role in evaporating excessive moisture build-up from the inside of your jacket. Haglöfs uses a number of versions.


PERTEX QUANTUM® is a super lightweight and strong fabric offering significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength or abrasion resistance. Using some of the finest yarns available with the optimum thread count this fabric has an extremely dense weave construction which makes it down proof by construction. Tear strength and seam strength are good for its weight and it can easily be used in shell jackets or sleepingbags and withstand the abuse of hardcore use. Some styles use the Pertex Quantum® Y fabric – featuring a ‘Y’-shaped yarn with even better tear strenght and general performance!

Pertex Quantum® fabrics used by Haglöfs are bluesign® approved and have a fluorocarbon free DWR treatment.


PERTEX MICROLIGHT® offers the perfect balance of low weight, softness and durability. Essential when every gram counts. The tightly woven construction is well balanced; preventing heat loss through the fabric while offering significant weight reduction and good strength. This will actually make the garment or sleepingbag warmer without adding weight. Pertex Microlight is downproof, wind resistant, water-repellent and durable. The Pertex Microlight® fabric used by Haglöfs is bluesign® approved and have a fluorocarbon free DWR treatment.


PERTEX CLASSIC®ECO is a lightweight yet very strong construction for an array of activities and products. Pertex classic® is the reference for durability and performance, the standard by which others are measured. Proven in expedition conditions, Pertex classic® provides excellent weather protection. The Pertex Classic® ECO fabrics used by Haglöfs are bluesign® approved and have a fluorocarbon free DWR treatment.

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RDSResponsible Down Standard (RDS) & bluesign® approved Down

We are proud to announce that we use only down (including feather) that is certified under the Responsible Down Standard, RDS. This means that a third party (Textile Exchange) has made sure that the down has been produced with the best animal welfare in mind from when the eggs hatch in the farm. The animals have been bred in accordance with the ‘five freedoms’ during their entire life, no force-feeding has been allowed, slaughter intended for food-industry has been performed in a correct way and thereafter the down has been collected as a by-product.

The RDS down undergoes rigorous cleaning via multiple washes in biodegradable, environmentally friendly detergent and with recycled water; all in accordance with the bluesign® standard. Third party testing shows that the down consistently has a high turbidity (10000mm+) and low oxygen count (1.5-3.2%); making our down the cleanest and most allergen-free down available.


  • Hypoallergenic down with high turbidity and low oxygen count.
  • bluesign®approved, RDS certified and third party tested.
  • DWR-treated. (Water resistant)


  • 700 CUIN fillpower down
  • Hypoallergenic down with high turbidity and low oxygen count.
  • bluesign®approved, RDS certified and third party tested.


  • Hypoallergenic down with high turbidity and low oxygen count.
  • bluesign®approved, RDS certified and third party tested.
  • DWR-treated. (Water resistant, see HyperDry ECO below)


  • Hypoallergenic down with high turbidity and low oxygen count.
  • bluesign®approved, traceable and third party tested.


  • 800 CUIN fillpower down treated with a water repellent treatment
  • Water resistant treated down stays dry, lofty and warm for longer and dries faster.
  • Hypoallergenic, bluesign®approved, RDS certified and third party tested.
  • DWR-treated. (Water resistant, see HyperDry ECO below)

Water-Resistant Down – HyperDry™ ECO Down

To ensure the warming properties and the performance of the RDS down (see above) even in humid conditions we have added a fluorocarbon free DWR (durable water repellent) called HyperDry™ ECO treatment to most of our already great down!

To reach top-of-the-line water resistance the down is undergoing a bluesign® approved treatment using fluorocarbon-free chemicals, which makes it very water resistant. Tests show that the HyperDry™ ECO down proves to be drier than synthetic insulation and up to three times more water resistant than some competitors’ water repellent down.

The HyperDry™ ECO down comes in 800, 700 & 600 CUIN fillpowers. Fillpower information, whether HyperDry™ ECO has been added etc is provided within the information for each specific product.

The QuadFusion™ family

Any day can bring a new adventure in a different environment, with changing demands on your body and equipment. The Haglöfs QuadFusion™ family of synthetic insulation has several members, each providing a different level of temperature protection. All have the QuadFusion™ signature characteristics: it stays warm even when wet; it’s extraordinarily lightweight and efficient, yet ultimately suitable for the coldest conditions; and it is easy to care for and highly packable. At Haglöfs, we do our very best to reduce our ecological footprint, so QuadFusion™ is made entirely from bluesign® approved recycled/recyclable polyester, helping to Take Care® of the environment for tomorrow’s adventures.


QuadFusion™ is made completely from bluesign®-approved material and recycled/recyclable polyester. QuadFusion ™ is a very versatile insulation alternative. Great warmth-to-weight ratio is achieved by using hollow-fiber that is crimped into a spiral shape – maximizing the air-trapping ability and subsequently the warmth, while at the same time keeping the weight down. Recycled content: 50%. bluesign® approved.


QuadFusion+™ Using state-of-art crimped hollow fiber surrounded by multichannel fibers with excellent wicking capacity; this insulation has then been engineered into fine layers to maximize the individual fiber benefits. QuadFusion+™ is a great alternative for a range of activities where you need a thermal barrier as well as ability to stay dry – even during high-intensity activities. Warming you when you feel cold; cooling you when you overheat. Recycled content: 100%. bluesign® approved.

Pro QuadfusionQuadFusion™ Pro Powered by Pinneco®

QuadFusion™Pro is the most advanced insulation in our QuadFusion™ family.

Its revolutionary design featuring a unique structure of functional insulation layers with a perfectly balanced blend of various performance fibres fused onto the highly moisture wicking and breathable CoreScreen™ membrane provides exceptional warmth to weight, a superior heat-retaining capacity and protection against the elements – while at the same time keeping you comfortably dry. Each of the layers in the QuadFusion™+ construction has its specific purpose and contributes to the superior performance.

The inner layers of the insulation are designed to transport moisture away from the body to the outer layers and to trap body heat. The very breathable membrane helps to reflect residual heat back to the body, enables the moisture transport to the outside of the membrane where it easily can evaporate and at the same time gives the user extra protection against wind and moisture from the outside. The CoreScreen™ also improves longevity of the insulation since it is fused onto the insulation and ensures that the fibres cannot migrate or break, as may occur in conventional insulation alternatives. Recycled content: min 50%, 100% recyclable bluesign® approved polyester.

QuadFusion™ Mimic

QuadFusion™ Mimic is a highly innovative synthetic insulation that brings the best of two insulation worlds – down and synthetics – together! Its loose synthetic fibre clusters provide the light, lofty feeling that usually only a down garment can provide but now with the benefits of a synthetic material: easy care, ability to keep you warm even when wet and completely made from man-made sustainable material.

The synthetic insulation QuadFusion™ Mimic offers warmth similar to a good quality down, is highly compressible and it reaches its full performance quickly after being unpacked. With its polyester content QuadFusion™ Mimic is from a sustainability point of view as well a superb choice.

Lava LAVA™

LAVA™ is a bluesign® approved anti-odor treatment based on minerals borne from volcanic ash. It adsorbs and then captures odors – it doesn’t neutralize or mask it. LAVA™ then releases the odors during the wash/dry cycle and it’s ready to go again.

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SchoellerSchoeller® Keprotec®

Schoeller® Keprotec® protective fabrics are extremely tough and abrasion and tear resistant thanks to their share of highly stable aramid fibres (Kevlar®). Due to their composition and special weaving technique those fabrics are very suitable as reinforcement fabrics.




  • The most stable harness system with adjustable torso length, from 41 cm to 50 cm.
  • Extremely stable framework with a 12 mm 6063 aluminum rod.
  • Shoulder straps constructed with multiple layered padding and with memory foam closest to the body.
  • Heat molded hip belt constructed with multiple layered padding and with memory foam closest to the body.
  • Lumbar pad with multiple layered padding.
  • Contoured head space cavity.



  • Easily adjustable shoulder harness system for instant tuning of the torso length, 43 cm to 58 cm.
  • Shoulder straps and hip belt available in size S/M and M/L.
  • Shoulder straps and hip belt are interchangeable.
  • Shoulder straps and hip belt constructed with an extra layer of padding closest to the body.
  • Monolithic hip belt for superior load distribution and comfort.
  • Dual load distributing aluminum stays.



  • Velcro adjustable shoulder harness system for tuning the torso length, 45 cm to 51 cm, 40 cm to 47 cm.
  • Carrying system available in S/M and M/L.
  • Back panel construction with an internal lightweight wire framework.



  • Fixed carrying system.
  • Carrying system available in S/M and M/L.
  • Back panel construction with an internal support structure.



  • Fixed carrying system.
  • Carrying system available in S/M and M/L.
  • Mesh tensioned back panel that provides airflow through back contact zone.
  • Back panel construction with an internal lightweight wire framework.


For long treks, it is important to carry correctly for more comfort and enjoyment.

Haglofs Carry Correctly

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